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Women: fashionably late they might be, but when it comes to tax returns they’re right on time

TAX returns. Not filled in yours yet?

Well, you’re not alone, as for every 10,000 tax returns returned to the HMRC from men, 394 were filed after the relevant deadline (31 October on paper and 31 January for online returns).

This compares to 358 late returns for every 10,000 received from women.

Correct business mileage claim for your tax returns

  • If you use your private car on business you can claim 45p per mile tax free for the first 10,000 miles; and 25p per mile thereafter.
  • The tax-free mileage rates are known as AMAPs
  • More on business mileage rates here: AMAPs – business mileage rates

On top of the differences between gender, the HMRC research highlighted the differences in the way people file, according to their age.

Those aged between 18 and 20 were the worst offenders, with 1,085 in every 10,000 filing late. Their analysis also found that the older you are, the more likely you are to file on time, with only 155 per 10,000 of those aged 65 or over missing the deadline.

Those in agriculture, fishing and forestry industries are the star performers, with just 109 in every 10,000 filing late returns.

Lawyers and accountants came second (219 late filers per 10,000), with Health and Social workers (262 per 10,000) in third place.

Workers in the information and communication industries fared the worst (390 per 10,000), with administrative and support services not far behind (388 per 10,000) and the construction industry the next worst performing sector (352 per 10,000).

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