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Bristol Honda

For small businesses, Bristol Honda effectively acts as a small fleet manager, arranging services as well as contract hire finance

“So we offer a minimum of 24 hours in the car up to a week. We use our dedicated fleet of business to business cars, but can also tap in to the Honda Corporate fleet when necessary too.

“I don’t think we would have had same success if only offered car for an hour or accompanied test drive only.”

Leon says that generally SME small fleets customers want a compact car and a large car – keeping it simple. Compact cars go to the field force, larger cars to more senior management.

“We now have product that really suits this ‘split’ with the Civic diesel and now the new Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel coming on stream. And shortly we’ll be able to broaden that reach with the new Civic Tourer, all of which are good on CO2 emissions and running costs.”


What service should an SME expect from a local dealer?

Leon says that they should expect an initial professional contact, then a first meeting which is fact finding about the business and the fleet. This would then be followed up with a personalised proposal based on the first meeting.

“After that point we get a chance for product evaluation with decision makers and drivers and we ask for the business,” continues Leon.

“Once engaged with us we act as their fleet manager. So there’s a quarterly review and a local collection and delivery for servicing.

“We also have annual mileage reviews – so if you have car running significantly over or under then we have a free of charge review to avoid the possibility of excess charges and to lower rates if the mileage is not being covered.

“It means our customers are in control of their budgets without any unexpected surprises.”


Using contract hire to fund new company cars 

The majority of Leon’s small fleet customers – some 80% – are using contract hire to fund their company cars. In Leon’s case, this is provided by Honda Contract Hire.

“They trust it,” says Leon, “it creates a one-stop shop for them so there’s the convenience factor and we can then handle everything for them – from pre-life, in-life and end of contract.

“And when it comes to renewal time, it’s because we’ve looked after them through the whole process – we’re not just a good deal on the day!”

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