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Economic conditions to boost short-term leasing

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What is short-term leasing? The provision of a car from three months to six months Longer periods are available - known as medium term leasing - from six months to 18 month periods Short-term leasing is a useful way for SMEs to stay flexible with their company car fleet Providers vary in the cars offered: some will be brand new, [...]

How short term leasing can keep your small fleet flexible

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Short term leasing can keep your options open and flexible Why choose Concept Vehicle Leasing short term leasing? Short Term Car Leasing from just 28+ Days on a full range of cars and commercials Speedy delivery times on daily rental Executive, hybrid and electric cars available Trusted leasing provider with an excellent customer service reputation Dedicated Account Management [...]

Benefits of short term leasing

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Short-term leasing allows SMEs flexibility with their vehicle requirements SHORT term leasing is exactly what it says on the tin – well, almost. What is short term leasing? Vehicle hire terms range from 1-12 months Cars and vans from many sectors are hired from a pool of available vehicles 28 day+ hires are usually payable monthly in advance [...]

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