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Have you got your mileage rates right?

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The name for the payment rate – which is tax-free by the way – is called the Approved Mileage Allowance Payment (which you might see shortened to AMAP). It is there to cover not only the fuel costs, but the cost of business insurance, depreciation and wear and tear while your employee is using their private car on business.

As MP claims 3p for one car trip, are you claiming the correct business mileage

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Before you start that business trip in your own personal car, do you know the correct business mileage rates you should be claiming? WOULD you claim 3p for a 100m car journey? We suspect not; and more to the point, we expect your business car manager or company director would throw out such a penny-pinching claim, too. If [...]

Companies in the dark over correct business mileage rates

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It's 45p a mile mate - if it's your own car AN astonishing 25% of larger companies don't know how much they pay their staff for driving their own private cars on company business. The frank confession highlights a worrying lack of cost control - and if they pay too much, creating a taxable benefit for their employees. [...]

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