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VOLKSWAGEN is launching a brand new car sharing service called We Share.

The key thing, though, is that the cars are all electric.

The We Share service will begin in Q2 2019 and will initially be based in Berlin. There will be 1500 e-Golfs on the Berlin We Share fleet. These will be augmented by an additional 500 e-up! models.

Once Volkswagen’s I.D. electric car family is available from 2020 these will gradually replace the e-Golfs and e-up!s

Following the Berlin launch in Berlin, “We Share” is scheduled to roll out
across major German cities. It will also expand into major European markets, and North America. VW says the primary focus will be on cities with a population of over 1

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, commented: “We want to motivate young, urban users to engage with e-mobility. The people of Berlin will be the first to enjoy the electrifying experience of our ’We Share’ car sharing offering.”

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