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A family business providing an excellent service – Wilsons Auctions wins a remarketing company highly commended award

As the largest independent auction company in the UK and Ireland, Wilsons Auctions manages the whole asset realisation process for its clients.
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8 May 2024

WILSONS Auctions’ handle the entire operation including collection, valuation, storage, re-marketing and auctioning of an eclectic array of assets, it is this ease of process that made them a standout winner in the Business Motoring Awards.

The company is a family-owned and run business, established in 1936. Grown from a single auction site in Northern Ireland, Wilsons Auctions now operates nineteen sites including ten auction centres in Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Maidstone, Newcastle, Newport, Oxford, Portadown, Queensferry and Telford.

Through strategic acquisitions across the UK and Ireland, Wilsons Auctions has carefully crafted a wealth of auctioneering and remarketing experience within these regions. It is the only independent auction company in the British Isles to offer a national coverage allowing it to draw on experience, resources and ideas from all of its branches.


What sets Wilsons Auctions out from our competitors as a remarketing solution for SMEs is how the company prioritises giving vendors and clients peace of mind due to the extensive proficiency and expertise in vehicles administration, planning and strategy.

A huge part of Wilsons Auctions’ business model is facilitating the sale of used vehicles from franchised dealer groups, car supermarkets, banks, fleets and finance houses across all regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to SME dealerships and Sole Traders alike.

This integral part of their Business Strategy affords them the ability to keep abreast of client requirements as well as providing SME dealerships and sole traders unfettered access to product enhancing their portfolio.

To find out more about Wilsons Auctions click here

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