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Where to charge your electric vehicle?

Currently around 80% of EV owners charge them at home, and there are around 400,000 home and workplace vehicle chargers in the UK, according to data from online charging location guide Zapmap.
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30 March 2024

THERE do seem to be parallels between charging an EV and charging a mobile phone. Both occur mainly at home, during evenings and overnight, in readiness for the day ahead. There is expected to be an increase in home chargers following new legislation introduced in June 2022 when the Government updated the official building regulations to introduce a stipulation for all new houses (as well as commercial buildings and flats with parking for 10 or more vehicles), to include electric car charging facilities.

Expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London and other cities will also encourage more drivers to switch to EVs and therefore home chargers.

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