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THE past two years have proved that the role of a good rental company should be all about ‘adding value’.

Europcar does the basics – and much more, smoothing every aspect of the SME journey through the practical application of technology.

The success of this approach is a 32% increase year on year in business accounts and the accolade as the Best Short Term Rental business in the this year’s Business Motoring Awards.

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Self-serve for streamlined account management – Europcar understands that SMEs do not want, nor have the time, for lengthy account set up processes. And because, more often than not, fleet and business travel management is looked after by someone who does not have ‘fleet’ or ‘business travel’ in their job title, vehicle booking and management needs to be simple and straightforward with a good level of operational and cost insight.

The Europcar Business Self-Service tool delivers on each of these requirements. Easy online registration means accounts can be set up within minutes and savings are offered on UK and international hires.

Maintaining the ‘right first time, every time’ approach – Open and efficient customer communication tools, combined with internal performance monitoring are at the heart of Europcar Mobility Group UK being able to deliver a first-class customer experience with the goal of ‘right first time, every time’.

Europcar is also committed to driving continuous improvements to its customers’ journey with a particular focus on digital advances to further streamline driver touchpoints, In the last year, these improvements have included a Queue Management System to reduce wait times at high traffic locations such as airports, Online Check-in and Security Verification, Click ane Collect and our Delivery & Collection App. 24/7 assistance – Over 70% of the network provides a 24/7 service.

This is complemented by an on-demand service which offers 24hr call out services on a national basis via 86 locations, helping roadside recovery operators and insurers to keep their customers mobile.

Its Reservations Team has access to the latest vehicle availability data, enabling it to secure the vehicles fleet and corporate customers need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, improved initiatives such as its key dispensers create a ‘deskless’ customer experience for vehicle pick-up. Customers can fill out the necessary paperwork beforehand, pick up their vehicle and be on their way at any time of day or night.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for many businesses, but it is also crucial to recognise that Europcar’s SME customers are not yet fully ready to make a wholesale shift to zero emissions.

The aim, therefore, is to help these businesses understand the full implications of electric and plug-in hybrid motoring. Sustainable vehicles are being added in a measured way so that our customers can experience EV motoring in realworld conditions whilst also having confidence of supply of a wide choice of ICE vehicles.

Europcar aims to have 20% of its fleet fully EV by 2024 and to have reduced emissions in its fleet globally by 46% by 2030 with 100% of the fleet EV by 2036.

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