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MOBILITY as a service (MaaS) is something many business are looking towards to give them more transport options.

It’s a growing business in the UK and Fleetondemand’s Mobilleo MaaS platform has taken year’s Business Motoring Mobility Services Award.

It is a hugely scalable platform and service, is free to download and allows customers to find, book and pay for their entire journey as one single door-to-door itinerary in seconds.

It saves hours of time in planning, travel and vehicle costs, which is a huge benefit for SMEs that need to keep their workforce mobile and reduce expenditure.

Using the application, customers can search thousands of different travel providers for car hire, car clubs, flights, trains, trams, buses, taxis, bicycle hire, ferries, hotels, airport lounges and more. The technology offers easier access to integrated travel and service information, more reliable journey planning, in-app ticketing and a hasslefree payment system.

Using Mobilleo’s Smart Search feature travellers can arrange their journeys based on the quickest, cheapest, fastest, most eco-friendly or most convenient way to get them to and from their destination.

The app alleviates the hassle of downloading various travel apps and using separate online booking websites. Through developments in digital technology, the Mobilleo platform has allowed Fleetondemand to access to the wider MaaS market and achieve a market-leading position in a very short space of time.

As Mobilleo accesses entire global transportation supply chains, individuals, and not just SME businesses, can choose and book their entire travel journeys in a single place.

To find out more about Mobilleo click here

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