Electric dream – BMW iX3

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Maybe a bit of a surprise is that the X3 in petrol, diesel and hybrid form, is BMW’s best-selling car. The electric version has been added to the existing hardware so outwardly little looks different from the rest of the range which was recently facelifted. What is different is the 282bp, 74kW electric motor which is not the biggest around but it does have a WLTP range of 285 mile

CMG boosts fleet visibility with Teletrac Navman

By |2021-10-21T09:42:14+01:00October 21st, 2021|News|

Upgraded system has enabled CMG’s fleet managers to track 166 commercial vehicles and trailers and gain real-time data access to vehicle location, driver performance, and idling time within one easy-to-use interface. CMG has also installed a connected camera system across its entire fleet, alongside Driver ID, to determine who is driving each vehicle.

Fleet management shifting to being resource rather than cost based

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Without realising it, fleets have been operating through an extended period of plenty. If you needed drivers or vehicles or fuel, you could get them and they were in sufficient supply that you could afford to aim for the best cost. Now virtually every cost that fleets face is rising while, at the same time, supply has become noticeably limited in several essential areas

EDF begins ‘EV First’ company car campaign

By |2021-10-20T10:47:49+01:00October 20th, 2021|Electric Vehicles, News|

EV First is designed to highlight the advantages of choosing an EV over a PHEV, from both a driver benefit-in-kind (BIK) taxation and an environmental point of view. We have produced a range of material for drivers, making the benefits as clear as possible, including information about improved EV ranges and the growth of the charging network, including workplace facilities at EDF location

Ford takes the wraps of updated Focus

By |2021-10-15T10:08:38+01:00October 15th, 2021|Car news and reviews, News|

New Focus for the first time introduces an automatic transmission option for the fuel-saving EcoBoost Hybrid 48-volt mild hybrid powertrains, offering up to 155 PS. The seven-speed, dual-clutch Powershift automatic makes driving less demanding – particularly in city and stop-start traffic – while complementing the hybrid powertrain’s electrically-boosted performance.

Manheim sees the highest prices ever paid for used vans

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September 2021 marked the fourth consecutive month in which Manheim recorded a five-figure average selling price for a used van. The company recorded another record-breaking average selling price of £10,930, after last month’s previous record set at £10,554. The record was 3.8% higher and £376 more than September’s five-figure average.

Octopus rolls out Jaama Key2 systems to support fleet growth plans

By |2021-10-14T10:00:50+01:00October 14th, 2021|Electric Vehicles, EV, News|

OEV, which runs an ‘all electric’ leasing and salary sacrifice fleet in the UK, is using Key2 to run its back-office operation from enabling drivers to generate quotes through to interacting with remarketing suppliers for vehicle disposal, and to help realise its ambitious fleet growth aspirations and to ‘create something unique’ in the EV leasing space.

VWFS develops short-term PCP to beat supply delays

By |2021-10-13T10:16:25+01:00October 13th, 2021|Industry Intelligence, News|

New PCP allows customers to continue to rely on their current vehicles while waiting for the arrival of their newly purchased car by financing the optional final payment on their current model for 12 months as the worldwide shortage of semiconductors, used in the manufacture of electronic devices, is currently placing great strain on the industry.

Energy companies launch EV leasing scheme

By |2021-10-13T09:14:08+01:00October 13th, 2021|Leasing, Leasing Broker Federation, News|

The scheme, called Electric Dreams, is the first to be offered by a co-operative in the UK. Businesses are able to lease an EV for their employees, who then sacrifice a portion of their salary for the vehicle, with no upfront costs. The deduction covers the monthly cost of a brand new electric car, as well as insurance, servicing, maintenance, repairs, MOT, tax, tyres and road assistance, over an agreed term and mileage.

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