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Industry pioneers unite to announce major shake-up of the UK’s EV charging market

By |2023-11-29T10:48:27+00:00November 29th, 2023|Electric Vehicles, News|

Partnership will see a unique delivery model rolled out across the country, with businesses able to access the complete end-to-end EV charging infrastructure, including full installation and management of Landis+Gyr’s premium EV charging solutions, fixed national pricing, ‘tap and go’ payment processes, and the ability to earn revenues or offset energy bills from chargepoint use. 

Managing the move to an EV fleet

By |2023-11-29T10:38:21+00:00November 29th, 2023|Electric Vehicles, News|

Moving from the tried-and-trusted fuel card to an integrated software solution encompassing energy, vehicles, chargers and operations, and potentially micro-grid solutions, is significant. It’s a radical change in the role of a fleet manager who will still be managing vehicles, drivers and journeys, but now doing so within the parameters of energy supply and charging schedules.

Is salary sacrifice a risk management blindspot?

By |2023-11-29T09:56:13+00:00November 29th, 2023|Fleet management, News, Risk Management, Salary sacrifice|

As the sal sac fleet expands quickly, you could lose control of it. Employees choosing sal sac might have come out of private cars, and so this is their first experience of a leased vehicle, and the particular demands of looking after that,” said Goldin. Risk management applies to salary sacrifice as much as to conventional company cars: employees that don’t look after their cars, cost a lot in repairs and servicing will result in the employer paying more for insurance and the provider upping maintenance package charges over time.

Europcar increases electric miles for delivery and collection

By |2023-11-28T18:45:07+00:00November 29th, 2023|Electric Vehicles, News|

The business is focused on dramatically reducing its carbon footprint and an important part of the strategy is to increase the proportion of electric vehicles on its fleet. By year end, 12% of the Europcar UK fleet will be electric and plug-in hybrid. It has also transformed vehicle usage for its Delivery & Collection service.

Parts availability and technician shortages improving in 2023

By |2023-11-28T15:50:41+00:00November 28th, 2023|Fleet management, Maintenance, News|

r2c’s figures, based on more than 30,000 records across accident damage and unscheduled repairs, show that there has been a general improvement across the board when it comes to delays as a result of parts availability and shortage of labour – two issues that have plagued the SMR sector for the past few years.

Committee aims to break down barriers in fleet workplace

By |2023-11-27T09:31:36+00:00November 27th, 2023|News|

The Diversity and Leadership Committee’s aims include creating guidance and promoting best practice for AFP members and the wider fleet community, providing a safe space to explore difficult topics, shaping future training within the AFP Fleet Academy, and engaging with a diverse group of individuals and businesses in fleet to develop understanding.

BMW Group UK enhances Roadside Assistance fleet upgrade

By |2023-11-24T10:43:20+00:00November 24th, 2023|Fleet management, News|

The new advanced vans replace an existing fleet of support cars and are better equipped to handle a wider range of roadside issues efficiently. The increased storage capabilities for spare parts, including emergency spare wheels, significantly increases the likelihood of completing repairs on the roadside. All vans have been equipped with the latest remote diagnosis systems, meaning that before arriving on location, technicians can where possible obtain the necessary spare parts to complete the repair.

Ogilvie Fleet Joins the National Body Repair Association

By |2023-11-24T10:12:24+00:00November 24th, 2023|News|

Offering more than just the provision of courtesy cars to the repair sector, Ogilvie will provide its full range of car and van leasing and fleet management products to NBRA member businesses of all sizes. This one-stop-shop of mobility service provision gives access to the full range of Ogilvie Fleet’s award-winning services, accessible via a single point of contact.

Autumn Statement – a deeper dive

By |2023-11-23T09:25:55+00:00November 23rd, 2023|Industry Intelligence, News|

Making the full expensing capital allowance tax scheme, introduced in the last Budget, permanent certainly comes as welcome news, helping to support many fleets’ bottom line, along with the transition to e-mobility. However, it is only cash-rich business with access to capital that benefit. Failing to extend the scheme to the leasing and rental sectors continues to prove a missed opportunity to support the wider fleet industry

Little budget effect on the auto industry – more needed on EVs

By |2023-11-22T15:19:20+00:00November 22nd, 2023|Industry Intelligence, News|

There was little that will help the fleet industry specifically and the general backdrop is one where the drag and damage caused by everything from Covid to Brexit have all had very real effects. The next couple of years will be difficult for fleets, with budgets under pressure and an ongoing need to minimise costs,

Network Rail, APCOA and Compleo charge ahead with 3 more station car parks

By |2023-11-22T09:43:39+00:00November 22nd, 2023|Electric Vehicles, News|

In close partnership with Network Rail, APCOA’s end-to-end service oversaw the supply of the 22KW eBox Professional units from Compleo (one of Europe’s leading full-service providers of EV charging technology), installation by Amco Giffen and the seamless linking of customer payment options via APCOA Connect.

Rightcharge unveils electric fuel card for fleets

By |2023-11-22T09:37:54+00:00November 22nd, 2023|Electric Vehicles, Fleet management, News|

Fleet drivers will be able to tap a Rightcharge card and pay with company funds at 30 different public charging networks, including Osprey, Shell Recharge and Ionity, thereby unlocking access to more than 34,000 public chargers. Fleet Managers can also pay for their employees’ home charging so drivers are never out of pocket

Call for increased communication to help avoid LEZ fines

By |2023-11-21T10:57:51+00:00November 21st, 2023|News|

Latest data published by Glasgow City Council revealed a rising number of full-penalty fines (£960) had been issued in September. Figures showed 89 vehicles received the maximum fine that month, imposed when the exact vehicle is penalised for the fifth time. The same fines will be issued as Scotland rolls out its LEZ plans in 2024

Time to switch on to the benefits of leasing electric company cars

By |2023-11-21T10:18:54+00:00November 21st, 2023|Car news and reviews, EV News|

There are lots of advantages for switching to electric car leasing for your business, but it’s the cost savings on Benefit in Kind (BIK) and VAT that really make sound business sense. How to save on BiK Every employee who has the use of a company car for private use has to pay a Benefit in Kind (BiK) contribution. On [...]

Lightfoot eyes up £1m of rewards for 2024

By |2023-11-20T15:38:33+00:00November 20th, 2023|Driving advice, duty of care, Fleet management, News|

Using audible and visual nudge psychology, developed in association with the University of Bath, Lightfoot’s in-cab device keeps drivers in the sweet spot of their engine, guiding them toward their weekly target of becoming Elite Drivers, which unlocks access to a host of weekly prize draws. 

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