New pop-up mini solar car park launches

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Developed by 3ti, designer, installer, funder and operator of Solar Car Parks (SCPs), Papilio3 tackles the UK’s need to expand electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure ahead of the government’s proposed ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles in 2030. The unit is built around a recycled shipping container and can support up to 12 fast EV charge points. The solar and battery-boosted charging system optimises the speed of charge and reduces the carbon intensity of electricity used.

Is battery swapping the answer to an inadequate charging infrastructure?

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There’s a lot to like about battery swapping. For one, it reverses the standard time tradeoff between EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles. Many EV owners plug in overnight and charge for hours. In general, fast chargers can now charge a battery to 80% in a little under half an hour. But in that time, some battery swap stations could charge dozens of cars to 100%.

PETRONAS Lubricants International returns to Autopromotec trade fair to showcase new lubricants for modern drivers

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PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) makes its return to celebrated automotive trade show, Autopromotec, for the third year to showcase its new range of lubricant solutions, specially designed to meet the needs of a diverse and ever-changing market. Held at the Fiera Di Bologna in Italy from 25th – 28th May, it promises to deliver the most specialised international exhibition of [...]

Sick of paying high fuel prices?

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The world of electric vehicles has changed dramatically, and will continue to do so. Traditional powered vehicles are being phased out and now is the time to switch to Electric. At Project EV, we can support you with that transition by providing you with the correct charging point for your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles. We have chargers that support [...]

2030 deadline is the number one fleet concern

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EV adoption is fast reaching a state of ‘business as usual’ in the vast majority of cases. It is van fleets that are going to find moving away from internal combustion engines (ICE) much more of a challenge, with issues ranging from vehicle availability to charging accessibility and more. Businesses operating light commercial vehicles are faced with balancing their desire to operate more sustainable fleets, against cost and operational efficiency.

Shell Fleet Solutions launches decarbonisation programme

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Four-step Accelerate to Zero programme is tailored to Shell’s customers and helps fleet and mobility managers to determine and understand their current carbon footprint, evaluate their options for decarbonising and build a roadmap for reducing their on-road emissions to zero and finally, to net-zero.

Record pump prices mean fleet focus on fuel must be maintained

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The fuel duty reduction caused a short term fall in pump prices but they are now back above previous highs, showing that upwards pressure remains. Further help from the Government seems unlikely in the short term at least, so it is very much down to fleets to keep pursuing fuel fundamentals.

Renault Arkana – Business Motoring’s top hybrid

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What I particularly liked was the fact that the car switches effortlessly between EV and ICE mode and not necessarily at speeds below 30mph as with many hybrids. EV mode comes into play often when there is a low load on the accelerator while charging off the engine does not come at the expense of fuel economy. Over 350 miles I achieved a return of 57.2mpg.

ChargedEV – helping SMEs on their electrification journey

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As a truly independent charging specialist, unallied to any energy supplier or charge-point provider, ChargedEV can offer expert consultancy from the outset, ensuring the right solution for every individual customer. It offers a turnkey solution for business operators, undertaking to manage every aspect of the process from local authority authorisation, groundworks and connection to the local grid supply, to advising on leaseholder agreements, building regulations, installation and maintenance.

Semiconductor shortage yet to bite

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Surprising that as many as three out of four fleets report that there has been no impact on their operations. This is, in our view, quite a high figure. The most likely explanation is that it is largely accounted for by either fleets planning further ahead in their vehicle replacement process, or by the contract extensions that were widely undertaken by many businesses during the pandemic when mileage fell dramatically These particular fleets have been unaffected by delayed orders either because they have not been trying to replace vehicles, or have not yet really felt the full impact of the extended lead times.

Fleet electrification starting to prompt switch to leasing for SMEs

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Leasing circumvents the problems of upfront costs and provides regular payments over a period of time, plus it also removes any residual value worry. This is an issue because some SMEs perceive that current EVs will be superseded by better models in the medium term. Also, there is a general degree of worry about the shape of the economy and leasing means that businesses can keep more money in the bank for a longer period of time, providing a higher degree of liquidity if problems do arise

R2C – digitising the fleet management process

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Recognising that the smaller fleets market was poorly served by fleet software providers, r2c Online has designed a new, lower-cost software package that offers many of the key features of its established, full-featured product but with a simplified onboarding process and a quicker, self-paced training course.

Northgate’s mobility solutions keeping you on the road

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Trading for more than 40 years with 50,000 strong fleet of vehicles, Northgate Vehicle Hire is a leading mobility solutions provider of light commercial and business vehicles to SME users. With 67 branches and workshops and more than 1,800 employees across the UK. The business has won a string of awards including winning the Best Van Fleet Management award and Highly Commended for Best Long-Term Rental and Best Van Rental at the 2021 Business Van Awards, Northgate continues to put customer service at the heart of its business proposition.

Daily rental companies turning away fleet business for retail

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Rental shortages are currently a regular topic of conversation among AFP members, with widespread discussions about the difficulties being faced. It’s a situation that is showing few signs of improvement and may even get worse before it improves. Rental companies – like everyone else – simply can’t access new vehicle supply in the quantities they need.

Genesis chapter 4 – G80 2.2 AWD

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The G80 comes is certainly at the luxury end of the saloon market and offers lots of standard features, luxury seating and lots of space. It's up against the likes of the BMW 5 0r 7 series, Audi A8 along with the bigger Mercedes. While the Genesis can match them on looks and equipment, it struggles to compete as an equal when it comes to performance and handling.

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