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FLEETS managers are stalling on electric vehicles because of initial up front replacement costs, poor range and lack of infrastructure.

A new report from BP polling fleet decision makers across the UK, reveals that only half have EVs in their fleet currently (52%) although 56% would be persuaded to switch if they could have greater confidence in the accessibility of the UKs charging infrastructure, proving that range anxiety is still an obstacle within the industry.

 The research goes on to reveal that more than a quarter (27%) haven’t adopted EVs because they believe they cannot afford the up-front cost of switching all vehicles to EV. A further 25% stated concern that EV models do not do enough miles in one charge, whilst 24% said they don’t have time to charge whilst on the road.

 The new research marks the publication of BP’s Future of Fleet report, in partnership with the Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University, which explores the challenges currently being faced when it comes to the adoption of EVs, and what decision makers feel will be the biggest challenges for their fleet in the coming months and years.

 Despite the research suggesting hesitations within the industry, the report also looks closely at the advances being made to help fleets evolve and embrace the changes that come with a net zero ambition.

 An example of this is BP’s Fuel and Charge card and app, which offers a seamless solution for fleet vehicles of all engine types. With a focus on end-to-end integration, mixed fleets have one card solution for all charging and fuelling needs.

 BP pulse is also developing the largest UK charging network of ultra-fast chargers, with an aim of installing 700 by 2025, and 1,400 by 2030.  It already has an expansive rapid charging network, operating over 500 rapid chargers nationwide.

 The charging infrastructure across the UK has not only becoming more prevalent, but is much more accessible, helping all fleets make a smooth transition to EV when they are ready.