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Car and van drivers facing harsher mobile phone penalties

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Hands off - stay safe and avoid increased penalties for using a hand-held phone while driving


22 December 2015

Long life of endorsements

  • Penalty points endorsed on your licence count for three years but stay on your driving record for four years.
  • ‘Totting up’ 12 or more points brings disqualification
  • Motoring offences will be taken into account and penalised by insurance companies for five years

Nearly 90% of motorists who responded to a BCA survey said the use of a handheld mobile device while driving was ‘very distracting’, with 95% claiming to have personally witnessed another motorist doing so.

And over half (52%) believed that penalties for using a handheld mobile device should be more severe – although more than 40% admitted to having done so themselves.

AA Insurance has hailed the proposed increase in penalties for using a handheld mobile phone or other device while driving as a “victory for common sense”.

Some insurers consider using a hand-held phone while driving a worse offence than speeding, as it is a deliberate act rather than a possible oversight.

Malcolm Tarling, spokesman for the Association of British Insurers , said: “Using a hand held mobile phone while driving is not only dangerous and illegal, but could be expensive. You will not only face a fine and penalty points, but also the prospect of higher motor insurance costs.”

Other safety proposals include

  • £750,000 grant for police forces in England and Wales to build drug-driving enforcement capability,
  • Consulting on law changes to improve urban cycle safety by ensuring that sideguards and rear under-run devices are not removed from HGVs.




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