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Infiniti Reviews

All the latest Infiniti company car reviews are here.


Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid car review – attention all Audi A4 and 3 Series...

Here's a refreshing change in the executive car market. A different look from the more familiar execs, and in this hybrid form, rip-roaring performance combined with impressive economy.

Infiniti Q50 steers-by-wire into the 3 Series domain

IT started in the aviation industry when aircraft manufacturers introduced fly-by-wire. Now luxury car maker Infiniti has developed the concept to bring steer-by-wire to the roads of Britain. The world-first technology makes its...

Infiniti Q50 3 Series rival will include high performance hybrid

  NISSAN’S luxury off-shoot, Infiniti, has given more details of its new 3-Series competitor, the Q50. Prices will start at £27,950 - that’s for the business-friendly Q50 2.2d, which has a 170PS diesel...

Infiniti appoints new regional director for North Europe

INFINITI, the luxury premium performance brand owned by Nissan, has appointed  a new regional director for North Europe Steve Oliver takes over from Tony Lewis as regional director for North Europe with...

Hannah Bishop appointed fleet manager as Infiniti powers up for launch of new Q50

INFINITI has a new fleet manager to cover the UK and northern Europe: Hannah Bishop. Hannah took the post at Infiniti from February 1st. Hannah’s appointment coincides with Infiniti’s plan for the European...

Infiniti unveils sleek new 3 Series rival at Detroit

The Infiniti Q50 is a fresh attempt to challenge the market dominated by the German brands. Business car buyers looking for a change, read on.

British-built Infinitis from 2015

Nissan's going to add to its Infiniti premium range in 2015 with a new compact model to be built in Sunderland.

Infiniti M35h is now within the reach of business users

There's now an Infiniti optimised for business users. Well worth a look
It's a hybrid, so very competitive in company car tax comparisons, and pretty comprehensively equipped too.
Infiniti 35GT

Newsletter 186 – New Infiniti GT model more business focused

JULY 2012: Lower P11D prices reduce company car tax and employer NI


Infiniti 35GT

Less is more for Infiniti range

 Author:ROBIN ROBERTSA new M35h GT version of the record-breaking Infiniti V6 saloon delivers all the performance and low emissions for which the M35h is known – but for less outlay.It costs £3970...
812_JohanDeNysschen e1339697222470

Audi boss throws in four rings to lead Infiniti

Story: RALPH MORTONThe US boss of Audi, Johan de Nysschen, is turning his back on the four rings of Ingolstadt and heading over to luxury performance car maker Infiniti.As of 1 July 2012,...
Infiniti FX30D front

News bulletin 165 – Stunning features for updated Infiniti FX

JUNE 2012: Stunning features for updated Infiniti FX


Infiniti FX30D front

Stunning features but who’ll notice the facelift ?

Infiniti FX30D S Premium car test review
INFINITI does sporting luxury and no more so than in the striking FX, a serious competitor to the Range Rover Sport for those who want something different.

Car review: Mark Bursa
Infinit FX purple MED

Vettel’s career hits a purple patch with this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix

 Author:ROBIN ROBERTSA purple finishing flag in this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix instead of the official black and white checks would be right up the streets for two-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel.Red...
InfinitiM35h e1336625056204

Sports saloon with a green heart

Infiniti M35h GT Premium auto car test review
INFINITI has made its hybrid M35h sports saloon more tax efficient – without sacrificing any of the sporting edge. Or luxury. Car review: Ralph Morton.
Infiniti FX30d GT Premium

Iconic Infiniti is improved

 Author: Robin RobertsAfter four successful years as Infiniti’s icon and top-selling model in Europe, the Infiniti FX for 2012 is bolder and more distinctive than ever.The 2012 range comes at unchanged...

Infiniti’s inspired performance cars

The Infiniti brand is all about inspired performance
THAT's according to sales director Tony Lewis, who says the brand - and its cars - will appeal strongly to SME owners and company directors.
Story: Ralph Morton
Infiniti G37x S static e1333582995470

Infiniti extend grip on executive sporting sector

Author: Robin RobertsThe G37x S is the latest addition to the Infiniti G Saloon line-up.It is the first time Infiniti’s sportiest S grade has been available with AWD in the...
INFINITI Simon Lewis UK Fleet Manager

Infiniti’s new captain of fleet as raft of changes sail into UK

Author: Robin RobertsInfiniti is making a raft of changes to its European sales operations as it works towards taking 10pc of the global luxury car market inside four years.Now heading up...

Infiniti’s British built two-seater sports car accelerates technology race

NEW Infiniti sports coupe signposts future direction of performance cars
THE sports car might have a bizarre name - EMERG-E - but the technology behind this Infiniti concept is very serious. It's the performance business car of the future.
Story: Ralph Morton