If you run a small business and use a car you need business car insurance of some sort, whether it’s just business use on a private insurance policy or a special company car insurance policy for a small fleet, it’s the law to have your car – or cars – insured.

Protecting your company from vehicle finance debt

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 THE MAJORITY of businesses opt for some type of financing deal for their vehicles and while this is a great way to finance a company car, it is essential that you consider protecting your company from vehicle finance debt if an employee were to get into an accident and write off the car or if the vehicle were stolen. Unfortunately, [...]

One in six firms fail to check grey fleet – private cars used for work

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Current health and safety regulations stipulate that organisations need robust policies in place to ensure that every grey fleet car is fit for purpose, has a valid MoT, is insured for appropriate business use and that the employee has a valid driving licence. ONE in six firms fail to check grey fleet vehicles - private cars used for work, estimated to [...]

Warning: It’s the season for crash write-offs

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ALMOST £2billion worth of cars are written off in crashes every year in the UK - and we’re fast approaching the annual Armageddon period for crash write-offs. The last three months of the year see more insurance write-offs than any other period, notching up a massive 30 per cent of the annual write-off total of 258,000 vehicles. If you are [...]

3 Sixty Fleetwatch link focuses on reduced risk

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3 Sixty Fleet have joined forces with Just Fleet insurance brokers to use their innovative FleetWatch solution. Just Fleet, the first dedicated motor fleet insurance broker to fit all vehicles with 3G accident cameras, have launched a risk management solution designed to help transport operators to improve road safety and reduce insurance costs. The offering will combine proactive driver monitoring to identify [...]

Business car insurance – make sure you’re covered

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DOES your job demand that you drive your own vehicle for work? Still got a standard rather than a business car policy? Well, get it changed now. If you have an accident and your current insurer discovers you were on a work trip, they are unlikely to pay out your claim. Business Car Insurance: the key points Generally more expensive [...]

Culture of personal injury claims threatens to hit company car insurance

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A PLAGUE of personal injury claims is threatening to hit businesses running company cars with the knock-on effect of increased insurance premiums according to analysis by the AA. For while the motoring organisation noted that a typical annual comprehensive car insurance policy fell over the first three months of this year, it expects this drop to be reversed aided by [...]

SMEs winners with lower insurance costs

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SMEs have enjoyed a cash boost with the lower costs of motoring insurance, research has revealed. The figures compare the actual premiums paid from the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) and Acturis Insurance Price Index, launched last year, which covers nearly £5Bn of premium per annum. It shows that the SME basket of the index, which includes the cost of [...]

£26m cost to business of driving accidents

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The cost of a crash - Excess insurance payments run into the multi-millions The Lex Autolease accident figures Company drivers were at fault for 49 per cent of the 44,448 accidents Almost a quarter of all accidents (24 per cent) were caused by company drivers colliding with a third party More than 3,000 drivers crashed into the back [...]

Thumbs-up to in-car telematics from UK employers

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More than a quarter of UK organisations use some sort of in-car telematics or car monitoring for their company cars or vans INCREASING numbers of SME fleet operators are turning to spy-in-cab technology to snoop on wayward company drivers. More than a quarter of UK organisations use some sort of in-car telematics or car monitoring for their company [...]

Other Europeans offer insured lease cars – why not us?

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Arval is now offering lease cars that include insurance - common practice elsewhere in Europe MANY small business owners need to lease vehicles, and many groan at the thought of sorting out insurance cover – but not if you go to Arval. The vehicle leasing and fleet management company has taken heed of what goes on in mainland [...]

Two jailed in Britain’s biggest cash for crash fraud

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Two men have been jailed for organizing the country's biggest cash for crash scam. Sabaoon Hillaman, 24, will serve 4 years and 10 months for conspiracy to defraud and Masi Naqshbandi, 27, was jailed for seven years and three months on the same  charge. Hillaman was already serving five and a half years for his part in the last [...]

Unisex law will pose premium problem for businesses and specialist insurers

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  Author: Robin Roberts Businesses are facing an insurance premium hike for their female drivers. EU legislation effective from 21 December 2012 means insurance companies will have to adopt unisex polices which do not differentiate between male and female drivers. Traditionally, insurers have weighed men as a bigger risk than women but under the EU gender directive they must [...]

Mix and match cars and vans under new fleet insurance policy

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Author: Ralph Morton IS your small business expanding the number of cars you run? Or perhaps you’ve decided to take on some new business vans? Maybe a mixture of both. They all need to have business insurance, of course, but whether you insure them individually or under a fleet policy is where it gets trickier. To make life [...]

The law and Continuous Insurance Enforcement

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ALL cars must now have continuous insurance - or be declared off-road under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement law, which became live on 20 June 2011. The law applies to you whether you run your car privately for business as a sole trader, or if you are an SME director or business owner with a small fleet of company cars. It [...]

Classes of use for car insurance – including business use

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You might be pleased with your new car, but make sure you get the detail right on you business car insurance, warns Stephen Humphriss     By Stephen Humphriss, director UKCDT INSURANCE. We all need it for our cars. But what about car insurance for business use? 'Use of a car' is one of the most confusing subjects [...]

New insurance product for more than 15 cars

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FOR business car managers running more than 15 cars, or a mixture of cars and vans, here's a useful new insurance product from Groupama Insurance. Called Groupama Fleet, it allows larger small businesses to benefit from Groupama's existing Optima Small Fleet insurance. This was previously only available to small and micro businesses. Some of the key benefits of the product [...]

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