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ARTIFICAL intelligence could pave the way to reducing those end-of-lease disputes following the launch of an AI-based inspection tool that appraises vehicles in real-time.

Developed in Canada, PAVE, is an open API self-inspection solution that turns any phone into a professional inspector in one click. It enables customer guided professional inspections and extensive inspection reports that are can be fully integrated within businesses and their current technology.

What’s more, it will also indicate whether repair or refurbishment work in necessary.

The tool has been launched in the UK by MJB Automotive Solutions, a consultancy and training company specialising in used vehicle retailing. It is offering tailor-made remarketing, refurbishment and retailing expertise to OEMs, contract hire companies, rental operators and fleet managers wanting to save money in the used vehicle retailing and supply chain management process.

MJB founder Marcus Blakemore believes that with Covid-19 significantly impacting the automotive industry, the move to digital vehicle inspections has accelerated. PAVE, he said, can  revolutionise the way vehicles are inspected and sold.

“Social distancing laws and reduced travel has created new challenges for the remarketing sector especially when it comes to completing field-based inspections. However, the move to digital remarketing had already started to gather pace but the pandemic has only acted to fast-track this trend.

“We can offer fleet and remarketing decision-makers the latest in automotive solutions, our AI-based real-time inspection software is just one example of how we can develop efficiencies and save them time and money.”

“Feedback has been incredibly positive, with many commenting on the simplicity, speed and ease of this. PAVE will offer convenience for the customer, saves time and money for the business and helps eliminate human error.”

Each inspection takes approximately three minutes to complete. By just aiming the device camera towards the vehicle, drivers take images in-line with where PAVE tells them to. Every angle is covered and at the end of each inspection, a detailed report on the condition of the vehicle along with any damages or repairs required is uploaded onto the fleet operator’s servers.