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Europcar – winner, Business Motoring Best Mobility Solutions

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28 March 2023

THE mobility needs of small and medium enterprises have changed since the pandemic.

Understanding what SME’s need was key to Europcar winning this year’s Business Motoring Best Mobility Solutions Provider.

The impact of rising operating costs and fuel prices in 2022 required customers to adapt their business mobility strategies.

What SME customers need right now is flexibility and adaptability in vehicle choice and usage as well as a clear focus on cost control. Most businesses want the ability to manage mobility needs without having to make a long-term financial commitment to lease or outright purchase while economic conditions are unpredictable.

Despite the supply chain issues that have continued to remain an issue for businesses over the past two years, Europcar Mobility Group UK has been able to maintain a successful fleet and develop mobility solutions that do more than just getting the customer from A to B.

Fundamental to the service is a wide choice of fleet which it has maintained through strong manufacturer partnerships. It currently has over 40,000 vehicles available from 110 locations across the country, all underpinned by a Delivery and Collection service promising vehicle delivery within a 4-hour window.

Europcar is committed to providing innovative mobility solutions to suit all SME needs. Its on-demand, street-side car share service has filled the gap in terms of meeting mobility needs at very short notice and the plan over the next few months is to make the service available more widely via its branch network across the UK.

The technology will mean drivers can access vehicles without having to visit a service desk, but with the confidence that the vehicles are maintained as part of a core fleet. Europcar has also provided businesses with vehicles with the car share platform in-built for their own company carpool fleets.

The benefits of this approach are considerable. Firstly, the business travel manager does not have to worry about all the logistics of fleet management and vehicle usage – they can simply tap into the platform for updates on vehicle bookings and returns.

Secondly employees can access vehicles when they need them. The flexibility of this approach also means employers can navigate the current vehicle supply challenges and they don’t have to make long-term financial commitments.

Driving a sustainable fleet – Its ‘One Sustainable Fleet’ programme is driving Europcar’s focus to reduce emissions, aiming to have 20% of its fleet fully EV by 2024 and to have reduced emissions globally by 46% by 2030 with 100% of the fleet EV by 2036.

To find out more about Europcar Mobility Group UK click here

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