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Five points you should be aware of when buying car parts

When replacing parts, it is essential to know at least a little bit about it. That way, you can search for the highest quality products and find the best prices and payment terms.
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4 March 2020

CAR maintenance is vital so buying parts becomes one of the most important activities for drivers.

Therefore, when replacing parts, it is essential to know at least a little bit about it. That way, you can search for the highest quality products and find the best prices and payment terms.

Check out the tips we have prepared in this article for you to always make good deals and keep your car running smoothly. Good reading!

  1. Research well before buying car parts

    If you are passionate about cars, you are likely to enjoy repairing your car on your own. You are likely to enjoy buy car parts wholesale. However, it is essential to know the subject to avoid falling into a stolen one when looking for spare parts. This knowledge is necessary to research the best prices and guarantee the quality of the items that you will put in your vehicle. If you have searched for any part at some time in your life, you have noticed that buying from authorized stores is usually more expensive. So, leave these places last when going after the necessary part. Check out more tips:

    – start with a thorough internet search – look for discussion forums specialized in automotive mechanics and observe the opinion of the participants;

    – study and understand why certain brands are better than others, or what are the differentials offered by certain manufacturers compared to their competitors;

    – know the characteristics, prices and payment terms of each product.

    2. Check the brand credibility

    Generally, those who work in the market for a long time and are recognized for their good services can give an authoritative opinion on the best brands of spare parts. So listening to what these professionals have to say – whether mechanics or specialist store owners – before making a purchase decision is highly recommended.

    There are other possibilities to attest to the credibility of a brand. See which ones below!


Spare parts for cars have quality certifications that guarantee the integrity of the products. Try to find out if the brand you are considering buying is ISO certified – this information can be verified on the internet and ensures that the best practices are used in the manufacturing processes. 

Warranty time

An automotive part is not immune to failure. Therefore, manufacturers must offer the guarantee of their products, in case of defects right after purchase. The longer the period given by the supplier, the greater the confidence in the product.

Technical support

Buying car parts from a manufacturer that offers specialized technical support is another important differentiator. This means that the brand cares about the customer beyond the moment of sale. If something happens, it will be prepared to present quick and effective solutions.

  1. Don’t just think about the price

    As already mentioned, the authorized ones usually offer the highest priced products on the market. Although this must be taken into account – after all, quality parts can be found elsewhere with better prices – cost should not be the main factor at the time of purchase. Specialised companies can produce quality spare parts at more competitive prices, but you need to know this market well to make a good choice.

    Be especially careful with second-line or refurbished parts. Although there are companies that produce good recovered items, many of these products do not have high quality standards, have a shorter shelf life and should only be used as a last resort.

    4. Make homemade replacement of simple items only

    For those who like to work on their car and do the spare parts in the garage, the recommendation is that only those simpler items that do not have a direct connection with the vehicle’s safety go through this type of procedure.

    5. Choose qualified labour

    When it comes to maintenance of suspension, brakes, engine and any other item that has a direct impact on driver safety, the recommendation is not only to buy high quality parts, but also to take the car to be overhauled by those who understand the subject.


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