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How to maintain electronic braking systems high-performances on a trailer truck

semi truck with trailer 2021 08 26 23 02 48 utc
semi truck with trailer 2021 08 26 23 02 48 utc


23 August 2023

If there is anything important to drivers of trailer trucks, it is the efficiency of their electronic breaking system. With the weight that they carry, the smallest issue that would affect it, could be catastrophic. That is why each of them pays a special attention to them, in order to ensure their safety and everyone else’s that they cross paths with on the roads. Here are a few tips to make sure that the EBS system is maintained at an optimal level.

Regular Maintenance is Key

When we mention regular maintenance for an EBS system on a trailer truck, it is important to know that the delay between each visit to a garage will vary from one system to another. The exact maintenance schedule depends on the manufacturer and the specific EBS, which is why it is important to read the notice and to enquire with the company that produced it, if unsure.

It starts with the inspection of the various components that are part of the system. They include pads, calipers, rotors and drums. If any of them show signs of wear and damage, they need to be replaced immediately. Then, wiring connections need to be looked at, in order to make sure that they are all functioning correctly. When it comes to fluids, two elements need to be taken in account: The level of the brake fluid and its condition. If some is missing, it needs to be topped-up and any contamination of the liquid means that it requires to be changed entirely.

Brake Adjustment and System Diagnostic

Once the regular maintenance described above is completed, it is time to adjust the brakes. This needs to be done strictly according to the manufacturer’s specifications again. In every case, this manoeuvre will involve adjusting the shoes, the slack adjusters and possibly other components. When this is done, it is time to run diagnostics on the EBS system to identify any issues that may not be visible during the visual inspections that occurred previously. Any error codes or warnings that appear during the diagnostic process will have to be addressed until it comes back error-free.

Cleaning the Break System

Trailer truck drivers are on the road constantly or so they hope. It means that their vehicle encounters all kind of roads and go through various weather conditions. This explains why dirt and debris can find their way into the EBS system. If it does, it will interfere with its proper functioning, which could lead to serious problems on the road. It is important to clean the brake components regularly if a driver wants to avoid blockage or damage, resulting potentially in accidents.

Drive Safely and Carefully

Harsh driving is often the cause of EBS system malfunctions, in the long run. Driving a trailer truck aggressively or abruptly will most certainly cause excessive wear and tear on the electronic braking system, which will harm it in many different ways. If a driver wants to keep its EBS system performing at a higher level, a smooth and consistent driving is the best solution.

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