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Northgate – Highly commended for long term rental



12 April 2023

NORTHGATE Vehicle Hire offers a comprehensive range of support packages for its SME operators, with a wide range of fleet solutions to meet the diverse needs of business customers at every stage of their journey.

Importantly with Northgate, highly commended in the Long Term Rental category in this year’s Business Motoring Awards, its additional support packages can be built into long-term rental contracts, cutting down the need for multiple supplier agreements to be signed and multiple accounts to be managed.

Set up times are minimised for the customer as our turn-key solutions are ready to go, but also, thanks to a drive for simplification, administration and reporting times are minimised for fleet managers.

Risk management and compliance, accident management, telematics, fuel cards and even vehicle inspection apps can all be included under one contract, and these diverse functions can all be supported by a single account manager. I

n simplifying processes and relieving the burden of administration from hard working SMEs, Northgate’s full ’Vehicle Fleet Solutions’ proposition helps companies with more than just the provision of vehicles to meet their fleet needs, it allows them to concentrate on their core business functions.

Northgate’s Accident Management package can proactively assist with every aspect of incidents, from the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to repairs, the provision of replacement vehicles and legal services.

With vehicle recovery, damage assessment and repair, downtime management, third party intervention and even loss recovery all included, it is a complete solution for all businesses.

Fleets of any size benefit from knowing that even in the event of multiple incidents occurring at once, their drivers will be helped back on the road efficiently and that with every stage of the process being recorded in detail by a 24h assistance team, all resolutions will be fully accounted for at every stage.

For long-term hire customers, Northgate’s updated Fleet Management package is included as standard. As a flexible account-managed solution, it takes away yet more administration from fleet managers, as its systems monitor the servicing, MOT, tax, insurance renewals and the repair needs of all vehicles.

By communicating directly with drivers, Northgate can let them know where they need to be and when for vehicle servicing, relieving the fleet manager of the booking process.

Northgate’s Fleet Management package saves businesses money. Over the past year it has saved larger fleet customers an average of £63,000 that would have been spent on their vehicles SMR needs.

Northgate’s Telematics Solutions packages can transform the way that fleet operators deliver cost savings, improve their driver safety and maximise customer service across their fleets. With two package levels on offer, Control, and Control+, Northgate customers can choose a service level which best fits their needs.

Control offers live vehicle tracking, journey histories, vehicle status and even monitors out-of-hours vehicle use, while Control+ offers the additions of driver behaviour monitoring and reporting, provided in real time by SMS if desired.

Of huge benefit to larger fleets, Northgate’s telematics solutions can be integrated with the other packages including fuel card connectivity. By enabling customers to view fill up locations alongside vehicle MPG stats, businesses can minimise the potential of fraudulent fuel use.

When combined with Northgate’s Safe Driver training provision, the Telematics Solutions ensure ultimate safety and compliance for fleets, in an easy to administer format for businesses.

Of particular benefit to fleets looking to electrify, a thorough fleet analysis of telematics data is the first step in the Drive to Zero, assessing the immediate suitability for a transition to EVs for any business.

Northgate builds a complete understanding of vehicles, movements, distances travelled, and journey times, gaining an understanding of vehicles which can be immediately switched to electric power and which ones will come on-stream as higher range electric LCVs are launched.

Northgate offers vehicles on trial prior to a longer-term commitment. Northgate Safe Driver is a training, compliance, and driver support package, which can be included in a rental package either in conjunction with, or separately to our telematics package.

More than just a rapid licence validation service for fleet managers, Safe Driver offers bespoke training for managers and drivers on how to reduce risks on the road, and even helps the traditionally problematic area of grey fleet management. By ensuring that all employee-owned vehicles in business use are correctly insured, have up to date MOT and tax, Safe Driver removes a further pain-point for fleets of all sizes.

The Northgate Vehicle Inspection App allows drivers to complete inspections quickly and submit the results in real-time. With an option of supplementing recorded damage with photographs, the app is 100% paperless, and makes this key stage of vehicle inspections quicker and easier for users, while meeting all Van Excellence, FORS and HSE compliance standards.

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