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One stop shop – Ogilvie Fleet, Best Company Car Programme

ogilvie fleet


4 April 2023

FOR the businesses that run their company car programmes through Ogilvie Fleet, the number one objective is to provide a one-stop-shop of industry-leading fleet management services for businesses of all sizes and updated on a continual basis.

When vehicle lead times began to lengthen due to the global parts shortage, Ogilvie realised a fresh approach was needed to manage an unprecedented situation for customers.

To avoid the frustrations of long and unpredictable delivery dates on vehicles, Ogilvie developed its own proprietary lead-time generator app to assist clients. This tool uses rolling analytics gathered from Ogilvie’s own order bank and data from across the industry to generate a lead time estimate for vehicles, based on the latest data for any specific model.

By allowing it to forecast lead times to an accuracy of between 2-3 weeks, Ogilvie immediately removed a large degree of the guesswork from fleet managers looking to ensure mobility for their drivers in the year ahead.

Ogilvie Fleet is the winner of this year’s Business Motoring Best Company Car Programme Award and its Green Fleet Taskforce continues to innovate its electrification programme for company cars and helps company car managers and drivers stay well informed on the biggest change to vehicle transportation.

With bespoke guides and information on its website, free-to-use digital tools, and alongside the roadshows and webinars Ogilvie sets up with customers, the business supports both businesses and their drivers to make informed decisions on the next steps of the EV journey.

Its completely renewed “MiNextEV” digital application, which uses jargon-busting language when explaining EV’s, ensures that choosing an EV is easy for everyone.

Navigating commercial fleet electrification is complex, and with ever-changing regulations and rapid advancements in technology and product availability, we saw a need for a central, independent, up-to-date, and open-source hub for EV knowledge.

So, Ogilvie enhanced MiNextEV to complement its True Cost Matrix by allowing customers to combine the EV Database with our powerful comparison software. It makes whole-life cost comparisons between vehicle types both easy and accurate.

Further supporting businesses with the shift to the electrification of their company cars, a partnership with leading charge point provider ChargedEV offers bespoke support to workplaces of all sizes as well as guidance and discounts for home chargers, installation, and maintenance.

A free-to-use Happy Drivers App continues to support company car drivers, with a number of new features added this year. Drivers are now able to add their own vehicles under the ‘My Vehicles’ page and perform a number of tasks including order tracking, mileage capture, service reminders, and vehicle appraisals.

With over 5,000 downloads, the app is currently receiving around 500 mileage updates per month, which are fed back into the Ogilvie system and available to see immediately, enabling fleet managers to access up-to-date mileage information, which was previously only updated once a year.

The Fleet Management Reporting Software, Mifleet Showroom enables account managers to easily break down thousands of data points into concise, presentable data. Managers can quickly view headline stats across areas including fleet size, order bank, mileage, CO2, maintenance charges, and invoicing, with the ability to dig down further into specific areas when needed.

MiFleet Showroom highlights any upcoming or immediate actions needed by managers in real-time, so keeping track of fleets is easy. It has always been free of charge to all Ogilvie Fleet customers, so every customer can enjoy the full benefits of our award-winning software at no extra cost.

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