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Reaching the right audience

Marketing campaigns are expensive, and it’s important to ensure that advertising money doesn’t  go to waste. Thankfully, automotive companies don’t have to rely on marketing techniques that cast a wide net, such as billboards and direct mail advertising.
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11 January 2023

THE marketing world has changed significantly in recent years, and many automotive companies face increased competition. While this presents new challenges, it also provides exciting opportunities.

Automotive marketing campaigns can be highly effective and are an excellent way to build credibility with potential customers.

Targeted advertising helps you reach the right audience

Marketing campaigns are expensive, and it’s important to ensure that advertising money doesn’t  go to waste. Thankfully, automotive companies don’t have to rely on marketing techniques that cast a wide net, such as billboards and direct mail advertising.

Instead, companies can utilize digital marketing tools to show ads to a specific audience. By using search and browsing data, companies can serve ads to customers that have shown interest in purchasing a car or car parts. While online companies can target a broad audience, brick-and-mortar businesses can target ads to customers that are in their area.

Companies can even use geofencing tools to target customers visiting a competing location. With this data, it’s possible to create focused advertising campaigns that yield great results. The information that you gather can also help you understand what’s important to your customers. When you have a better understanding of what your customers are looking for, you’ll be able to create more successful ad campaigns.

Not only can automotive companies serve targeted ads online, but they can target specific audiences through radio advertising. It’s possible to target customers in a specific location and to reach customers that drive a certain type of vehicle. Radio ads can even be combined with PPC advertising! An ad on the radio can repeatedly mention a target keyword, persuading the prospective customer to search for that keyword later on.

Auto companies can even use artificial intelligence to give their advertising companies a personal touch. With AI data, companies can show customers personalized offers that are tailored to their needs and preferences. AI can also be used for sales and demand forecasting, allowing auto companies to spend their advertising dollars at the right time.

It’s easy to reach automotive customers online

For most automotive customers, the majority of their buying journeys take place online. According to McKinsey, just 8% of buyers exclusively rely on information from salespeople at auto dealerships. Most buyers spend time researching vehicles online ahead of a purchase, giving companies the chance to reach potential customers before they make a decision.

While targeted ad campaigns are a great way to engage people that are planning to buy a vehicle, online marketing also allows auto companies to reach people that don’t currently have a purchase intent. Smart marketing can entice people to look at available vehicles and can even persuade people to invest in performance parts or automotive tools.

There are endless ways for auto companies to reach people online. In addition to digital ad campaigns, websites, social media, and online directories are all easy ways to connect with an audience. Online content, like blog posts, can be a way to reach customers organically and provide solutions to pain points. Once prospective customer engages with this content, they can be guided down a purchase pathway.

Video marketing offers new and exciting possibilities

While automotive companies have always relied on advertising, video marketing allows companies to reach customers in new ways. Test drive videos, which show people what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a car, are hugely popular. In fact, data from Google shows that the popularity of test drive videos on YouTube has increased by over 65% in recent years.

In addition, to test drive videos, people enjoy watching reviews, highlight videos, and vlogs that are focused on vehicles. Videos are an excellent way to capture the interest of customers and provide them with valuable information. Many major auto brands, including Subaru, Volvo, and FIAT, have used video marketing to great success.

There are many established YouTube channels focused on automotive content. People are more likely to watch content from creators they trust, which is why video marketing can be an excellent way for auto companies to take advantage of influencer marketing. An intelligent video marketing campaign is likely to have high engagement and deliver outstanding results.

Along with video content, many auto companies are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. A great example of this is Porsche, which has used a VR app to give customers a unique virtual experience. With VR, potential customers have the chance to digitally explore Porsche vehicles.

Marketing plays a key role in brand building

Brand loyalty is valuable in every industry, but it’s particularly important for automotive companies. Vehicles are major purchases, and consumers generally prefer to buy from companies that they trust. Many customers choose to buy vehicles from the same manufacturer.

In fact, studies show that 87% of satisfied customers plan to buy from the same brand again. A successful marketing campaign allows auto companies to provide consistent communication across a variety of platforms and applications. Companies can express their vision and share their message through social media, blog posts, ads, and more.

Online marketing is an opportunity to highlight the qualities that make your brand stand out from its competitors.
In addition, smart marketing can be a way for automotive companies to reward current customers, strengthening brand loyalty. For example, a customer could earn points or rewards whenever they have their vehicle services at a branded auto garage.

While marketing is an excellent way to connect with new customers, it also allows you to build a better relationship with the customers you already have.

Good marketing can improve the customer experience

Automotive purchases can be costly, which is why it’s key to providing customers with the best possible experience. Excellent customer service can build loyalty and can even increase profits. Data from Deloitte shows that customers spend 140% more on average when they have a positive buying experience.

By creating high-quality SEO content, auto companies can make it easier for potential customers to answer questions and find the information that they’re looking for. Utilizing messaging technology, such as messaging apps and chatbots, allows companies to quickly respond to inquiries.

While a strong marketing campaign can boost a company’s profits, it also gives customers a better experience overall. As competition in the auto industry grows, customer service is likely to become increasingly important.

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