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HOW is the administration of your company car fleet? Perhaps you have some vans to look after as well to complicate the mix.

Not just the organising of the car or van lease deals, and any refurbishment work required before the end of the lease.

But the nitty gritty stuff: the filing of fuel expenses; checking and reconciliation of receipts; and so on.

It’s a time consuming business with few efficiencies other than a spreadsheet operated by an administrator or director.

Enter Silvey Fleet. This company provides a fuel card plus fuel management system rolled up into one.

So you not only get streamlined fuel purchasing but management information on that fuel spend.

Who are Silvey Fleet?

Silvey Fleet is based in Bristol. The company has been in the fuel business since it first delivered coal. Then came home heating oil. Before branching out to encompass road fuels as well, becoming one of the most established fuelcard providers.

The company is now part of a major independent global fuel company, Mabanaft, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG.

What does Silvey Fleet do to help manage fuel spend?

The product they have for company car fleets and commercial vehicle fleets is called the Monitor Fuel Card.

This combines a fuel card with Miles Monitor (from those mileage management experts TMC). It enables drivers to keep an accurate mileage log via a phone app. The app also provides the deeper driver mileage audit – so exceptions, or heavy fuel usage are highlighted.

So whether you are the director of an SME business with a small fleet, or a fleet professional with a large fleet, you get a comprehensive view of fleet performance: MPG reports; personal versus business mileage; and an array of other useful data.

Where can the fuel card be used?

Silvey Fleet works with several major fuel card providers, including Esso, Keyfuels and Fast Fuels. It means drivers nationwide can access competitively priced petrol and diesel at over 4600 multi branded sites.

By connecting the fuel card spend with Miles Monitor, companies can keep track of business motoring mileage and comply with HMRC guidelines.

Do I have to be a certain size to use Silvey Fleet?

Miriam James Silvey’s Sales and Marketing Director

Generally speaking its fleets of three vehicles” or more. Commenting on the launch, Silvey’s Sales and Marketing Director, Miriam James said:

“With Silvey Fleet we can help businesses of all sizes, large or small, make significant savings on the running costs of their fleet.

“By utilising TMC’s software, we combine our buying power with an incredible array of reporting and management features.

“We wanted to be able to offer the companies that we work with, irrespective of the size of their fleet, the opportunity to continue to buy discounted fuel, as well as providing them with additional tools that could help them make further cost savings running their fleet of vehicles.”