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Smart choice – Ohme, a Business Motoring Awards winner

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22 March 2023

Ohme is on a mission is to speed up the adoption of EVs through simplifying the charging experience and promoting grid balancing innovation to charge EVs in the cheapest and most sustainable way possible for SME users.

That’s why the judges selected Ohme as the winner of the best Charge Point Provider in this year’s Business Motoring Awards.

Ohme design, makes and installs good value EV chargers with  market leading, smart technology to enable the simplest, greenest and easiest EV charging for drivers.

Its smart EV chargers are available for similar prices as standard chargers but save 15% more CO2 than a standard charger and can save up to £800 a year on charging costs.

Ohme EV chargers enable drivers to save 85% CO2 vs an ICE vehicle and the technology future-proofs charging for SMEs as it integrates with more dynamic EV tariffs which all energy providers are looking to bring to market from 2023 onwards to help balance the grid.

Currently, Ohme smart chargers are the only chargers able to integrate with all the latest EV tariffs to help deliver significant savings and reducing running costs for SMEs.

It’s chargers can access the lowest cost p/mile k/Wh tariffs.Last year the average price per mile paid by Ohme’s customers using its smart charging technology was 4.3p p/mile which is incredible given the energy crisis prices (based on Ohme’s customer base average car efficiency 3.17m/kWh).

Ohme’s smart EV charger technology also unlocks greater CO2 savings compared to other EV chargers. Optimising the charging time also optimises the CO2. By charging the car when it’s best for the energy grid Ohme lowers the CO2 by up to 70% or 800kg a year. It provides a system that can utilise renewable energy whenever it is available as the smart technology can receive signals from the grid which means the renewable energy is not lost.

Ohme’s smart technology has successfully formed relationships with the largest Fleets and Leasing Providers including Motability, NHS Fleet Solutions, Zenith Leasing and Octopus Electric Vehicles. It has also been appointed as the preferred EV charger for the Volkswagen Group including: Skoda, VW Passenger Cars, VW Commercial Vehicles, CUPRA and Seat.

In summary, Ohme is helping to drive EV adoption with SMEs through a simple, easy charging experience that doesn’t come at a premium to standard chargers.

To find out more about Ohme click here


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