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The electric future: Creating the next generation of automobiles

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13 July 2023

The popularity of zero-emission vehicles is increasing every year. In every country, you can see more and more electric vehicles on the roads. To date, they have ceased to be a good alternative to vehicles with an internal combustion engine. They become an obvious choice for those who are thinking about buying a new vehicle.

The design of such cars is rapidly progressing. If in the first models of manufacturers, we could observe certain advanced functions and capacities, then every year their potential is revealed even more. This is noticeable in their internal features. They are getting quieter, more powerful, and more technologically advanced.

However, the design does not stop at what the vehicle has to offer the driver in terms of power and fantastic technology. Their exterior designs are becoming more diverse as engineers and designers come up with incredible new design concepts not only for the sake of beauty but also for outstanding vehicle performance.

In the future, their popularity will only skyrocket, so manufacturers will resort to innovative product development methods to make them even more powerful so that they stand out on the road.

External design

Car enthusiasts may notice how quickly automakers introduce new models of electric vehicles. If earlier motorists could wait for years for the release of new models, now it happens much faster. Manufacturers equip not only cars with advanced technologies, but also use them in the development of design, both external and internal.

Product prototyping used to be a headache for many automakers. It was a complex process that needed a lot of adjustments and changes. However, now most manufacturers are resorting to the use of generative AI for product development, which allows them to achieve excellent results much faster.

Artificial intelligence helps develop designs that are both visually pleasing and effective. Generative AI enables quick customizations to initial designs, and rapid prototyping of new product designs based on references, sketches, and text descriptions. Thus, manufacturers are releasing new and better electric vehicles for sale.

bram van oost qmcn bqm7mk unsplashMain design features

By delving into the details of the design, we can find things that fundamentally distinguish such vehicles from those that have a gasoline or diesel engine. Here are the features that make electric cars the transport of the future:

Reduced carbon dioxide emissions

By owning a car with an internal combustion engine, we cannot see with the naked eye the emissions that our vehicle produces. However, on a global scale, we can see the formation of smog as well as significant air pollution. All this happens when fuel is burned. Electric models cannot cause such harm to the environment, because they simply do not burn any fuel, but run on electricity.

Lower electricity costs

According to a 2020 Consumer Reports study, on average, each electric vehicle owner spends sixty percent less money a year on charging than internal combustion engine vehicle owners. In addition, the obvious advantage is that the infrastructure for such vehicles is improving every year. Drivers do not have problems with charging their cars, which creates favorable conditions for the purchase of such a vehicle.

Less noise

No matter where you live, your internal combustion engine vehicle can generate a lot of noise pollution. Electric models reduce the anxiety of both the driver and those around them, as their engines produce less noise, making them the ideal choice in any terrain.


These are just a few of the key features that make the electric car the vehicle of the future. Other features include regenerative braking, advanced features, and more. The process of developing car prototypes, thanks to technology, is accelerating and improving, so in the future, we will see the emergence of more advanced vehicles that will not pollute the environment.

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