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I came across this novel ‘fresh air’ idea from leasing company Arval.

Based in Swindon, they’re tucked away on a business park. Although Arval already runs a free lunchtime staff bus into town it’s also added a Smart
car to the staff transport list: an electric Smart EV model.

I like Smarts. They have a cheeky likeability. And although the ride is a bit bumpy and the auto gearchange jerky, they bring a smile to your face each time you drive one.

However, I’m not sure how Arval intends to divvy out the car to staff: it’s a strict two-seater. But Arval intend to go big on its enviro message, plastered across the car.

While the message might be loud, the electric Smart certainly won’t be. It’ll be silent. And exhaust free. Recharging is via a three-pin electricity socket.

According to Arval, their Smart will:

  • achieve the equivalent of 300mpg;
  • zip to 30mph in an 6.5 seconds;
  • travel up to 72 miles between charges;
  • take eight hours to fully recharge;
  • and will cost just 85p to recharge at peak times.

Which all sounds like a smart idea…as long as it doesn’t cause staff unrest over who gets to drive the little coupe!

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