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Audi A6 2.0 TDI Black Edition Ultra in numbers

  • 190PS engine
  • 45.7mpg real life fuel economy
  • £9,072 benefit in kind
  • 23% company car tax banding
  • Company car tax from £80 a month
  • Business car lease deals from under £300

‘The Audi’. This term refers to the imposing, and yes, slightly sinister black car sitting outside my house. It’s an Audi A6 S line ultra Black Edition model with S tronic auto transmission.

Finished in black gloss paint, with darkened glass, black leather seating, smoked grey alloy wheels and just chrome highlights for the exhausts, the Audi looks more than just sinister – menacing.

It is a great look. And it’s as good to drive as it looks: there’s 190PS 2.0-litre diesel power delivered with a fine punch through the front wheels, and an excellent auto transmission that glides up and down the ratios.

It means you can sit back and enjoy the quiet repose of the leather-finished cabin on long business journeys up the motorway. And have a bit of fun when you move on to more challenging roads.

I was up at Audi HQ earlier this year talking to Tom Brennan, Audi’s national contract hire & leasing manager. I mentioned to Tom how much I was enjoying the car.

“I think we have hit a real sweet spot with the Black Edition specification,” said Tom. “Road presence is important to a lot of drivers, and this option delivers it in spades.

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“The matrix LED headlamps with their sequential scrolling indicators are a marvel too – they epitomise Vorsprung durch Technik.”

I also pointed out that the diesel engine delivers really responsive performance yet it doesn’t do so at the expense of the fuel economy.

“It is a particularly impressive element of this car,” continued Tom.

See Audi scrolling indicators in action

This video explains some of Audi’s intelligent use of lighting technology.

“It packs quite a punch (8.2 secs to 62mph for the record), yet the figures behind it really stack up for business users – CO2 emissions are just 116g/km, which for a powerful car in this class is quite something.

“So you’ve got a good looking, rapid executive car with a benefit-in-kind liability of as little as £80 per month. That’s a real attraction for user-choosers.

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“This kind of uncompromising efficiency characterises every Audi ultra model – they are the culmination of extensive development work by Audi engineers to deliver cost-effective driving that in no way feels like cost-effective driving!”

Small businesses thinking about leasing a car like this Audi should take a look at some of the highly competitive offers on the market. Throw in the good value company car tax and this car is a really keen business package.

So you can understand I’m not keen to see this car go – although go it must. I’ve appreciated its long-legged nature, terrific fuel economy, classy appearance, and those heated front seats – superb in winter and just what you need to ease your legs after a match down at the tennis club!

At least when it goes I’ll get to see those matrix sweeping indicator lights in action – as the black Audi moves menacingly off into the distance.



Audi A6 ultra 2.0 TDI

Tom Brennan with rare 1968 Audi 80 Variant


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