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  • P11D Value, £55,210 (as tested)
  • 5-door Crossover
  • Engine: 1.5-litre petrol PHEV
  • Power/torque: 309hp/540Nm
  • Economy: 33.2mpg (on test)
  • CO2: 44 g/km
  • Performance: 0-62/mph, 6.1 secs/132mph


What is it?

A winner for one thing. Introduced last year, the Evoque P300E was the winner in this year’s Business Motoring Awards for the Best Medium SUV.

This model features an all-new petrol engine, a 1.5-litre three-cylinder Ingenium unit that produces 197bhp which drives the front wheels, while at the rear axle there’s an electric motor and a 15kWh battery under the back seats.

rear 1Total system output is 309bhp and 540Nm of torque, enough to get the Evoque from 0-60mph in 6.1 seconds, and it can reach 84mph on electric power alone.

On top of that, its good looking with great residual values combining all the SUV attributes with hybrid power.

With an electric-only range of 34 miles and CO2 emissions of just 44g/km, the Evoque P300e benefits from low Benefit-in-Kind tax bands; from just 10% in 20/21 and 11% in 21/22 – for a 40% rate taxpayer that equates to a monthly car tax liability from around £150/ month.

The P300e is already in strong demand from SME customers; fleet managers for its compelling financial package and end-users for its refined driving experience, luxurious cabin, hi-tech functions and cutting-edge exterior.

Why would you want a Range Rover Evoque?

  • Improved interior space
  • Smooth looks, even the door handles retract to help streamline the shape.
  • Luxury cabin
  • High levels of technology
  • Four-wheel-drive
  • Great ride, even over the potholes.

What might put you off a Range Rover Evoque?

  • There’s a lot of (good) competition in this sector at much more appealing prices
  • Technology adds a lot of weight, so you need plenty of horsepower
  • Rearward vision is not great, so reversing camera and sensors are really handy


Our verdict

The Evoque has achieved much of its success through being an attractive-looking, medium-size SUV which carries the iconic Range Rover name, but it is much more manageable around city roads.

The designers have sensibly stayed with the Evoque’s popular looks while adding to the length of the wheelbase has provided an increase in interior space.

So, there’s a little more room for passengers who can also enjoy Range Rover levels of luxury including leather options and a fine array of colour choices.

The infotainment system look good and our highly-specced model came with JLR’s Touch Pro Duo system, with two central screens stacked one above the other. The lower one runs the climate control but can be simply switched with a swipe to cover driving modes and terrain response.

The top screen displays all the usual menus, media systems and sat-nav. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have been added. A nice touch here in that you can swipe your phone’s music track display down onto the lower screen so you can still use the upper one for navigation.

rr evq 21my interior pivi 260820 1

Another useful option is a Ground View system which involves cameras embedded around the front of the car feeding an image of the area down between and forward of the front wheels – a useful off-road aid.

The driving position has a good range of adjustment, from laid-back to command, and seats are very supportive with a good space in the rear for adult occupants.

On the road, the Evoque has always been marketed as a Range Rover for the city with nowhere near the bulk of its illustrious, larger ancestor.

But because it carries the Land Rover heritage, cross country ability matters and you have to work pretty hard off-road to catch the Evoque out.

Land Rover engineering provides good clearance and articulation while there’s an array of electronic traction gizmos to help stop you falling over. It also has an impressive wading depth of 60cm.

The car is comfortable rather than sporty with a ride smooth enough to make long trips or bad road conditions as stress-free as you could reasonably expect.

Unlike the big Range Rover the Evoque’s ride isn’t particularly soft but it does feel quite flexible, smoothing out most of the lumps and bumps in the road.

What’s really good is that the temptation to grow the latest generation Evoque in size has been resisted so it retains its compact dimensions without actually looking that small.

Options fitted to our test model:

  • Firenze Red Metallic Paint – £705
  • Black Contrast Roof – £650
  • Exterior Black Pack – £670
  • Cloud/Ebony grained leather seats with Cloud/Ebony interior – no cost option
  • 20” Style 5076 5 Split-Spoke Gloss Mid Silver with Contrast Diamond Turned Finish – £680
  • Privacy Glass – £420
  • Wireless device charging with phone signal booster – £300
  • Keyless Entry – £420
  • Configurable Dynamics – £235
  • ClearSight interior rear view mirror – £515
  • Home Charging Cable – £300
  • Cabin Air Purification system with PM2.5 filter – £335
  • Driver Assist Pack Consists of: Blind Spot Assist, Clear Exit Monitor, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Collision Monitor and

Rear Traffic Monitor – £800


All of which bumped up the starting price of £49,480 to £55,210



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