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Innovative with technology and focused on solutions based on customers’ needs and the changing environment is what set Ogilvie Fleet apart from other Business Motoring Award entries.

Continual development to provide services and adapting them to the current circumstances sets them apart. Also proving help and support in the most difficult of circumstances.

Supporting the vehicle leasing sector as a whole – specifically SMEs – Ogilvie provides access to a host of online tools such as fuel benefit and tax calculators, as well as its Happy Drivers App – designed to support fleet managers and drivers’ day-to-day functions.

Specifically, for Ogilvie Fleet drivers the App also provides emergency contacts, as well as a host of driver services such as access to vehicle servicing, MOTs and tyres all supported by the support team.

In 2020 Ogilvie Fleet launched Appraisal – a new, free to use online process to make end of contract appraisals easy and quick. Designed for use on mobile devices, the system allows drivers to report detailed information to Ogilvie’s fleet disposal team about a vehicle prior to its return, including images and videos.

Also, in Lockdown 1.0, Ogilvie contacted all customers to say that ‘unless you tell us otherwise, we will not take your April direct debit’.

The business also gave anyone who requested a three-month payment holiday which equated to around half of its client base. With those who requested a payment holiday, Ogilvie worked out a payment plan with them once they started paying again in July.

Another innovative initiative to support its customer during the pandemic saw the business work closely with its clients to reassess their vehicle mileage expectations/requirements.

This resulted in reductions in rental fees for many clients – a lifeline for many SMEs.

Highly responsive to client feedback and developments within the market, Ogilvie Fleet has taken the number one spot seven times in the past eight years in ExpertEye FleetEye’s Customer Service Index (CSI).

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