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ŠKODA’s company car programme personalises the service offered to each business it works with to meet their exact needs and ensuring that the solution offered is fit-for-purpose.

That’s why the judges in their year’s Business Motoring Awards picked Škoda’s Company Car Programme as a winner.

Škoda’s team take a consultative approach to all customers, initially getting to understand the objectives for their company car fleet so that they are able to offer the most appropriate guidance and advice.

Škoda develops longterm relationships with all of its fleet customers so that they can future-proof their business and many have now been with the brand for several years, updating their fleets as new models are introduced.

Throughout the global pandemic, Škoda adapted quickly and introduced several initiatives to ensure SMEs continued to receive a truly exceptional experience

As part of the brand’s blended customer experience, Škoda’s innovative digital showroom has evolved to enable a truly unique digital experience for customers.

SMEs are able to connect virtually with a dedicated, trained and experienced Product Host to receive a 360 degree tour of the brand’s range of vehicles.

Supporting the digital experience is the Škoda Digital Assistant app, which enables retailer staff to connect with business customers via Zoom video calls.

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Business Motoring Awards 2021 Winners