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  1. My employer has worked out his own rates based on the cost of fuel and applied it to the private miles element of our employees’ mileage.

    His rate is LESS than the AFRs. Is he right to do this or should I insist he uses the AFRs as a minimum to avoid any possible issue with BIKs?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

    Thanks for your comment – your employer can do this and as long as they are less than the AFRs there are no BIK implications.
    Ralph Morton, Editor

  2. In reply to Martin Wilson’s comment on old vehicles –

    “There are two issues which business motorists need to consider. The first if they use an old car or classic car for their business driving – these vehicles will not be compliant.”

    – you should add that vehicles over 40 years old and registered as “Historic” are in fact exempt.

  3. Hi, I’m a little confused with what to charge our employee for personal mileage on a petrol/hybrid car. Should we be charging them 15p a mile as it is a 2000cc? If this is the case I’m sure they will argue that we are making money on them.For example, if they only put £20 of fuel in a month but do 1000 personal miles in the month we would charge £150 back to them.Their argument will be that it has only cost £20.What is the way around this?

  4. I wonder why you are dependent on your internet provider for wifi. Can’t you buy your own router in the UK?

    I figure I have to have about 40 miles of reserve capacity at all times for unplanned excursions, except when I know I’m on my way home. This would make the maximum return commute for the Golf to be about 90 miles. That works for me.

  5. Hi, yes it important for everyone nowadays to have GPS tracking device in there vehicles. whether it is a bike or car or other heavy vehicles. Because having your vehicles stolen is a very inconvenience problem. Till now if you don’t have GPS trackers installed in your vehicles then you should. And speaking of GPS trackers ThinkRace GPS tracker manufacturer have the best products in the market. We provide OBD ii ODM/OEM/JDM service, customize app & application development, technical support & excellent after sale service for our clients to meet up their business requirement. We are the right partner in providing complete smart OBD locator solutions under one roof.

  6. What happens if the lease is under a company name and the wife is the director of the company?

    Can the husband still drive the car for personal and business use without having to pay company car tax? or is it better he is also made a director of the company?

  7. I have a car allowance taxed at source and a company fuel car allowing both private and company use. I appreciate that the compay are paying my fuel for my company mileage but wondered f I could claim any tax relief on ‘wear and tear’ and depreciation on the business mileage?

  8. Hey
    PCO car hire is the best thing we can have in London for good reason. Uber car rental services are also amazing to make our own livelihood.

  9. Mixture of performance and efficiency? Despite what biased journalists may claim, I have driven an I-Pace on a 250 km roadtrip driving in tandem with a friend in a Model S 75D, which is just as quick if not quicker, and had a 196Wh/km power consumption on that trip. The I-Pace I drove used a staggering 249Wh/km on that exact same trip. That means the I-Pace used 25% more energy, depleting its 90kWh battery much sooner that the Model S did its 75kWh battery.

    And that cuts both ways, because not only does having less range mean that you have to charge sooner, it also takes much longer to recharge. Furthermore, when parking at one of the +40.000 11kW public generic chargers in The Netherlands to recharge, the I-Pace was only able to draw 3.7kW from it, one-third of the available power, because of its tiny 7kW single phase internal charger (16.5kW three phase for the Model S).

    The I-Pace is a beautiful car, better quality and luxury than the Model S for sure. But to put it as “the best EV in the world” is completely illogical. The Number One question everyone asks about an EV is: “what is the range?”, and the second is “how long does it take to charge?”. The “best EV in the world” should have good answers to those questions.

  10. Is this only on brand new vehicles I wonder?
    The quantity of keyless entry Fiesta, Focus, Kuga etc. in the UK must be enormous.
    Will Ford do anything about these key fobs?

  11. I work for a home care company and we only pay 12p per mile, but some of our staff don’t pay tax so can they claim the difference back in anyway

  12. By all that can be read here, it really seems to be the chosen company car. The best selling feature would definitely be the fact that 50% of daily driving would not require any gas and will only work on electric power.

  13. Hi, I’m a sole trader I’m looking to get my next vehicle, the car I use at the moment is a gtd I calm 45p per mile. I’m looking to maybe buy a van, and have it as a utility van for my travel and office space, maybe sleep in it as well. The other option would be to go for an electric car like a bmw i3. I charge my customs 45p mileage which would be better for me as a sole trader? I would save on hotels and I would gain office space for my work in a van which seem ideal. But I beg wrong car before and don’t want to make the same mistake.

  14. I drove Suzuki Vitara recently. its a very interesting Car. The pickup, Acceleration, Drive is completely tremendous. Really appreciate Suzuki for this product

  15. Hello. Further to the article of the BMW 530E, does this type of vehicle 2018 sport line / imperformens meet the new standard or exceeds

  16. Interesting read, I would like to know how these guys are getting on 4 years later in a commercial vehicle market that keeps expanding. Our firm, Premier Commercial Vehicles are based in Swansea and cater for all size businesses across South Wales for hire purchase, leasing and contract hire. Take a look at what we do at

  17. Digital fleet management can help you obtain key data that can help you discourage speeding, excessive accelerating and sudden braking. Use this information to increase your safety training efforts and save money.

  18. If you provide the car and fuel in another way, you might not have to report or pay anything. To be exempt, your employees must use the car or fuel in one of the following ways.

  19. Not quite a correct statement on fossil fuels. As I am looking at my phone app power from gas fired power stations only equates to 34.2%., Wind 26.8%, Nuclear 19.1%, Bio mas 7.8% and coal 4.7%.

  20. Despite all the difficulties, the electric vehicles are the future. We need time and the support of technologies to reach the top results, but that’s the right way to go. Thanks for this article, very complete!

  21. Based on the appalling service I’m currently receiving from Alphabet I would advise everyone to avoid them at all cost. The silky smooth selling of the company via BMW dealers is far from the way they treat their customers. it’s a whole month into a complaint over the fact I was forced to use Kwik Fit, who I wouldn’t normally take a bicycle to for a puncture repair) then kept waiting in their filthy dirty, cold, draughty waiting room looking at my car thinking it was ready when in fact it hadn’t even been started. And yes I did have an appointment. Kwik Fit blamed alphabet, alphabet said what Kwik Fit told me was nonsense. I’ve never read the word ‘sorry’ yet and their snowflake attitude towards this complaint is: they’re struggling to understand why I needed to know what Kwik Fit had to say about this complaint. and that Kwik Fit won’t give you me answer to my question, other than sometimes things like this take longer than others. What sort of answer is that to a customer who’s been let down. Then after that the fitter at Kwik Fit left me with an ill fitting tyre that I had to pump up twice a day for almost a week as there was no mobile fitter to come and sort the problem out. I will NEVER use alphabet again & thank god that from January BMW dealers will give you a choice on which lease company you go with. let’s hope it’s RIP Alphabet ASAP


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