Mid-Term rental: take the pressure off upfront costs

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You might not want to make long term commitments to new vehicles due to the potential impact of political decisions such as higher VED charges and increases to benefit in kind (BIK) taxes.

Ensuring your business car leasing deal is fit for purpose

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THERE are lots of decisions to make when it comes to leasing your company cars; one of them, of course, is budget. Once you have found a competitive leasing deal with a reputable leasing company, it may be time to ask yourself: is the car actually going to meet your requirements? For example, it’s all very well putting a car [...]

Six business benefits of business car leasing

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BUSINESS car leasing, if you’ve not heard of it before, is a way for SMEs to run company cars with low monthly payments and agreed mileage over a contract period, which is usually two, three or four years. You pay a monthly rental for the lease of the car and at the end of the lease period you hand it [...]

Why do some businesses mistrust contract hire?

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The more you understand about contract hire, and the more you know about a supplier, the more you'll be likely to trust it   Peter Hollinshead was formerly head of HSBC Vehicle Finance MANY years working in leading roles in the leasing and vehicle management industry created our commitment to contract hire and our belief that [...]

How to avoid leasing company damage bills

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Scuffs like this need to be fixed before a car can be sold. Either you do it, or you should expect a bill from your leasing company on the vehicle's return THERE is a peril that many of us associate with business car leasing: the cost of refurbishment when the car goes back at the end of its [...]

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