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What is company car tax?


How To understand company car tax

Your step-by-step guide to understanding how to work out your company car tax, and what you can do to minimize it.

What are the capital allowances for company cars?

YOU can get business tax relief on the company cars purchased by your small business. Capital costs can be set against the taxable income of your company. There are three levels of...

Why SUVs are becoming more viable as company cars

NOT too long ago, it was a very costly affair taking on an SUV as a company car – especially for the driver, where benefit in kind tax implications were extremely...
1301_Choosing_Company_Car_On_BIK landscape

Company car tax now the biggest factor in car choice

IF you thought image and creature comforts were the driving forces behind a company car driver’s choice of vehicle it’s time to think again. There was a time when car specification was...

Hybrids look hotter as company car tax changes start to bite

Changes in capital allowances and the company car tax escalator are both making hybrids look more attractive company car options.