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WITH the festive rush in full swing, it’s tempting for fleets to cut corners, especially with extra orders to fulfil and deliveries to be scheduled ahead of Christmas.

Fleets will be feeling the pressure – whether distributing parcels, delivering pizzas, or managing public transport routes. It’s vital that Fleet Managers stay on top of licence checking to avoid costly consequences, keeping their business sleighing ahead into the New Year.

Many fleets still coordinate driver checks in-house or use inadequate solutions, leaving their (already stacked) HR team to handle hundreds of checks and approvals. Adopting a system like Licence Link – with automated alerts, digital approvals, and real-time results – is a fast-track way to prevent missed endorsements, unexpected downtime, and skyrocketing stress levels. Here’s how…

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Prevent your HR team from getting snowed under with excess paperwork

Fleets using the free online checking service (aimed at individual drivers) will spend hours inputting driver details and liaising with their team to manually approve checks. Licence Link helps avoid the associated bottlenecks and delays, whilst eliminating the need to gain approval each time.

Fleet Managers can automate alerts for every driver, so there’s no need to keep a manual record of upcoming checks. Whether you have 20 or 200 drivers, this is a significant time-saver, preventing the risk of missed endorsements. In addition, the HR team can ask drivers to sign a digital declaration straight from their phone – taking seconds. Approval lasts for three years, allowing the business to carry out unlimited checks, without continuously chasing for approval.

Protect the safety of other road users this Winter

As the weather turns, wet and icy driving conditions inevitably lead to an increase in road traffic accidents. Be sure all your team has a valid licence to minimise risk to other road users, systems like Licence Link provide real-time results on driver checks. Another key factor is the maximum points covered by insurance providers. It’s essential to monitor any drivers at risk of exceeding this threshold, or fleets could unknowingly invalidate their policy. With Licence Link, HR teams can increase the frequency of checks for drivers in the high-risk zone, to ensure new points are quickly identified, and appropriate actions are taken.

Avoid unanticipated downtime impacting busy delivery schedules

With many fleets facing a spike in demand over the holiday, it’s key they have enough drivers to manage delivery schedules. An unexpected disqualification or exclusion due to excess points could be detrimental during the seasonal demand surge – leading to disgruntled customers, complaints, and excess stress on the remaining team. Licence Link provides Fleet Managers with complete visibility, enabling them to mitigate this risk. They can instantly access driver data at every branch to see which team members are nearing the threshold, allocating schedules accordingly – with a plan B or extra drivers on standby to minimise disruption.

Be sure your fleet complies and ace the festive rush

To get ahead and avoid disruption, businesses that coordinate licence checking in-house should re-evaluate. For a small fee per check Fleet Managers can mitigate disruption, save time, and ensure their schedules run efficiently. So, if your HR team is under pressure during this festive period, get ahead by adopting an automated solution, like Licence Link.


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