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NEW research from bp shows that green intentions are driving fleets to adopt EVs but there remains concern about charging and upfront costs 

As the 2030 ban on the sale of new combustion engine vehicles looms large, bp commissioned the research to explore how fleet managers and fleet drivers feel about electrification.  It research reveals a reassuring sense of confidence among fleets towards the switch to EVs, with  25% of both groups admitting to feeling ‘excited and proud’ about the prospect of an electric fleet. 69% of fleet managers and 52% of fleet drivers say they feel this way because of the positive impact switching will have on the environment.  

 The research also shows that nearly half of fleet managers (43%) and fleet drivers (41%) think they will have begun the transition within the next two years, demonstrating further eagerness within the industry to embrace change soon.  

 However, despite growing confidence, over half of fleet managers (53%) and fleet drivers (52%) say that charging on the go is still a concern. When then asked about whether the nation will be ready for the 2030 ban, both fleet managers (62%) and drivers (69%) think that the cost of EVs will stand in the way of wider adoption.   

 Adrian Brabazon, UK Fleet Sales Manager, says: “It’s encouraging to see that many fleets are feeling positive about the transition to electric vehicles, and that confidence is growing within the industry. The announcement of our own investment in public charging will hopefully only drive this further. We know, however, that there are still obstacles to overcome, and that charging concerns still exist for fleets making regular long journeys – despite a growing network of ultra-fast chargers in the UK. 

 “Our research has shown that over half (54%) of fleets will use the public charging network in addition to charging points at home or at their depots. Our Fuel and Charge cards offer cost effective electric charging and fuelling solutions to support fleets with their first electric vehicle right through to a fully electric fleet.”  

 This research marks the launch of Now’s the Time, bp’s new campaign to support fleets with electrification and make the journey towards sustainability and net zero a little more straightforward, through the Fuel and Charge offer.  

 Fuel and Charge gives fleets access to one of the UK’s largest networks of more than 9,000 bp pulse charging points and more than 3,400 fuel stations1. Simple carbon offsetting solutions are also available through the bp Target Neutral programme, by purchasing carbon credits from a portfolio of projects around the world. 

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