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Ford car share aimed at young owners

  • Ford Motor Credit announces a new car-share pilot that will enable thousands of Londoners to rent out their cars to other drivers;
  • The peer-to-peer car-share scheme offers owners a source of income and renters a convenient, cost-effective mobility solution;
  • Pilot is expected to suit Millennials that surveys show are open to car-sharing;
  • Ford Credit is working with car rental marketplace easyCar Club in London.

OWNERS of Ford cars could soon earn an extra income by renting out their vehicles to other drivers.

Ford Motor Credit has announced a new car-share pilot inviting 12,000 London customers to join the peer-to-peer scheme.

For pre-screened car renters the scheme claims to offer a convenient, cost-effective way to rent a vehicle.

The scheme is aimed at younger drivers who are used to car-sharing with companies such as Uber.

The company will work with easyCar Club in London where renters can search its website for a nearby car and book online. The keys are collected from the owner, or accessed from a safe, and members drop the car back to the same location.

“There is consumer interest in sharing the cost of vehicle ownership and this programme will help us understand to what extent that interest extends to customers who are financing a Ford vehicle,” said David McClelland, vice president, marketing, Ford Credit. “Realistically, most vehicles are parked and out of use much of the time. This pilot will help us gauge our customers’ desire to pick up extra cash and keep their vehicles in use.”

Ford Credit customers in London can enrol to participate in the six-month pilot on the easyCar Club website now with the offer closing on 1 August 2015.