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    • P11D Value: £25,00
    • BIK band 2018/19: 28%
    • SUV
    • 1.5-litre diesel 115hp/260Nm
    • Performance: 11.2 secs/117mph
    • Economy (On test) 56.7mpg
    • CO2: 117g/km

    Our latest long termer has now been with us for two months.

    The Kadjar is an SUV based on the same platform as Alliance partner Nissan’s Qashqai and arguably the package is better looking with a touch of French flair.

    It’s pitched against the likes of SEAT’s Alteca, Ford Kuga, Kia Sportage and Peugeot 3008 as well as the Qashqai.

    The Renault was launched originally in 2015 and there’s a single bodystyle fitting into the Renault range above the Captur.

    There was a range of updates introduced towards the end of last year with some small styling changes, while inside there were some changes to climate controls and integrated infotainment system.

new kadjar stuart price 118

So, what’s the verdict so far?

My last report described the Kadjar as an exceptional car, and two months in my view remains the same.

Why exceptional?

Exterior styling is of the moment – great looks and lines – without being too futuristic.

Interior cabin has a high quality look and feel – sumptuous and comfortable with all dials and switches where you expect them to be and a good media information system that includes a quality sat nav.

Easy to use voice recognition, that instantly understands you, makes keeping in touch whilst on the move an easy exercise – no scrolling and pushing needed.

The seats have a marked quality in terms of trim and fit – easily adjustable with lumbar support and a moulded feel that is extremely comfortable.

The best test of any seat is to drive 200 miles and not notice any aches or pains at the end of the trip – and the Kadjar ticks the box!

It’s roomy in the back, with ample room in the hatch back boot when using the rear seats – and a cavernous space when the seats are folded flat…so suiting a young family, teenage family, sporting family.

Performance is good with a 115hp diesel euro 6 engine – plenty of torque, great gearbox, nippy in the lower gears and 6th gear is a great for cruising.


new kadjar stuart price 161

The Kadjar is proving to be a great work horse. Now having done 3,210 miles, the average fuel consumption is 56.7mpg – a large part of this is urban mileage.

I haven’t added any AdBlu as yet – the car hasn’t asked me too (Car says “ad blue not needed” when starting up), so this hasn’t been an issue.

I should imagine it is similar to filling up the windscreen washers – although the filling hole is next to the diesel hole for added ease…

The sat nav is quality – and is always right!

The voice command phone systems work a treat, and the DAB radio stations are easy to navigate.

The interior continues to impress – with the ergonomics working well – so you never think “why is that there – or not there”

Plenty of phone charge sockets keep all family members happy – as long as they bring their own cables.


img 0270

The ride is great – munching miles with refuelling happening every 500 miles… without undue stress on the bones.

As a working vehicle it is quality vehicle with everything you need – and as a family vehicle it is stylish and comfortable…

So a well worked, well designed and really useful vehicle

There’s no seven seat option, but this is still a very practical family car with plenty of space in the rear and a number of useful storage spaces.

The boot, at 472 litres, is larger than the Qashqai and expands to 1,478 litres with the seats folded. Certainly plenty of room in there for the luggage when touring.

Handling and ride quality remain much the same as before, there is more body roll when compared to a hatchback, for example, but certainly not excessive and there is decent feel through the steering wheel.

On top of the £25,500 OTR price, our car came with metallic paint at an additional £650 plus a £150 emergency space wheel.

For the SME, the Kadjar offers a really good amount of space and practicality in terms of carrying people and cargo. Better for the long haul rather than tootling around town and that fuel economy is particularly pleasing.




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