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Ken Block stars in Focus RS video taster

Ken Block action
Ken Block's customary driving style


1 October 2015

PRIMING the launch of the new Focus RS early in 2016, Ford has commissioned four weekly documentaries called “Rebirth of an Icon”, revealing the behind-the-scenes story of what is likely to be one of the hottest cars of next year.

The first of these Focus RS video documentaries, called “Project kick-off” is already live and Business Car Manager has been lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the next three in the series.

The first documentary sees drift legend Ken Block (who’s been involved in the project since the start) and Raj Nair – group vice president global product development and chief technical officer – hit the test track in an early Focus RS prototype, to work out what the new car should deliver.

Next week, the second documentary, called “Design and Development”, moves from the US to Cologne in Germany, where Block gets to see the finished Focus RS exterior and interior designs with designer Joel Piaskowsk. Then, we’re introduced to the engineers working to make the Focus RS even safer and grimaced as another prototype is crashed with a side test.

The Focus RS documentary content doesn’t finish there, as the next one is called “Hitting the Road”. As the name suggests, this documentary gives the inside story of a 1,000-mile development drive undertaken in the American Rockies, with Ford’s global engineers deciding how this RS should drive.

Last of the four documentaries that we saw was called “Test-Track Trails” and sees the documentary back in Europe, with Ken Block pounding the infamous Lommel test track in another Focus RS prototype.

There are another four of these documentaries to follow after this and if you’re in the lucky position of soon taking delivery of these mega, all-wheel drive hatches as your company hatch – we reckon they’re unmissable!

Check out the first in the set below:

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