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LondonWoof won the £5000 prize for the Northgate Vehicle Branding Awards

LondonWoof with award-winning vans

LondonWoof wins Northgate Vehicle Branding Awards for best branded van

THEY might be man’s best friend, but when it comes to winning prizes, it’s the cash that counts as LondonWoof walked off with a £5000 prize for best designed van signage.

The award, presented by Northgate Vehicle Hire, was for the most innovative, best designed and funniest vans.

London-based dog walking company, LondonWoof, was crowned the winner for the company’s imaginative dog-themed designs.

LondonWoof beat nearly 200 other entries. These included covering bonnets with fake grass, turning a van into a giant fruit basket and even making it appear that the driver was sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper – it shows how far and how creative companies companies can be in an attempt to stand out.

LondonWoof founder, Art Burasz, said: “I love coming up with weird and whacky designs to attract attention to our vehicles and the company. They provide much needed colour on our roads and most importantly, they make people smile! The £5,000 prize money will go a long way to realising my next design idea for one of our female drivers – a bright pink van, covered in poodles that look like clouds.”

Gareth Jones, Northgate sales and marketing director added: “With nearly 200 entries, deciding on a winner was a tough challenge. We eventually chose LondonWoof because the design was visually striking and really showed the character of the business.

“With over 60 depots across the UK, we regularly work with businesses to customise their vehicles and apply liveries in order to capture the public