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Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110 review: Enticing new business package

Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110 dynamic
Ready for business: Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110


29 August 2016

Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110

What is it?

Bienvenue to the new shape Renault Megane for 2016, the model charged with giving Renault a fresh competitive edge in Europe’s big-selling family car heartland – and we try the Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110, the one businesses will want.

Competing in the same market area as the Golf, Focus, 308 and Astra, the Megane has a clear and obvious task ahead of it. This is the fourth generation Megane (since 1995) and kicks off in the UK with a 25-strong model line up, with a MeganeSport Tourer edition set to follow this October.

Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110
Well-equipped modern cabin

Beneath those noticeably lower, sleeker, looks this latest Megane is closely related to Renault’s Kadjar SUV. It’s built in the same Spanish factory and based off a shared Renault group CMF platform with a familiar range of 1.2-1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines also factored into the mix.

Late last year, we met up with the 1.6-litre Megane 205GT, the sportiest member of the new Megane equipe. The headliner for UK business buyers and fleet managers however is likely to be this more modestly paced Megane Dynamique S NAV edition.

Powered by Renault’s well-proven 1.5-litre 110PS turbodiesel, it’s the model’s enticing mix of economy (76.4 combined) and low C02 emissions (96g/km) that grabs the eye, pointing to attractively low fuel bills and company car taxes.

Combine that with decent spec levels (this particular Megane falls around mid-way in the range with a P11D of £20,345) and you can see why at launch time Renault sees this as the fleet favourite. Let’s check it out.

What’s hot?

  • Renault has clearly ramped up the design for the new Megane, making it longer, lower, sportier looking. Snazzy lights, front and rear, also give it a new visual edge.
  • On its new platform, with wider tracks and revised suspension, this 1.5 Megane proves stable, composed and good to drive, with a supple, comfortable, French-style ride another plus.
  • Inside, the new Megane sports a fresh, modern look. As tested, seat comfort is good and Renault has put a lot of work into making the cabin quieter and more refined.
  • 76.4 mpg combined economy from Renault’s proven 1.5 diesel puts it out clear as the most economical of the new generation Meganes.
  • Tax friendly: C02 emissions of just 96 g/km means £0 VED, allowing also for a 100% capital write down allowance for business users.
  • Decent kit levels in this mid-range spec, with dual zone air con, rear parking camera, part leather/cloth seats as standard issue.
  • Renault’s Visio system (Lane Departure Warning, Traffic sign recognition and automatic high/low beam standard. You also get Multi-Sense (personalised driving modes) and ambient lighting as factory fit.
  • Renault’s R-Link2 connectivity system, linking with dash-mounted 8.7-inch portrait touchscreen, is nicely intuitive and user friendly.

 What’s not?

  • While this Megane is smooth and unfussed to drive, with a 0-62mph time of 11.3 secs it’s not exactly a ball of fire off the line.
  • The new Megane dash top has a high grade finish but lower down you encounter harder, lower rent plastics thus not quite so top quality.
  • You’ll struggle to match the Megane’s quoted 76.4mpg in real everyday life
  • If you want the latest Megane chassis tech, including 4Control, four-wheel-steering, it’s not available on this particular model grade.

Verdict on Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110:

With more than 5.5 million Meganes built to date, it hardly needs stating how important this new Megane is to Renault and the company bottom line.

Something more sporty in Megane family?

So the stakes are high but first time out in the UK, Renault has a result with a new hatch that’s comfortable, well-honed and efficient to drive, as tested, comes well specced and is visually something different in the market place.

That said, one of us old timers remember the impact the Megane II had when it  first appeared back in 2002 (the one with the wacky back end treatment, which went on to win European Car of the Year). If this new Megane doesn’t pack quite that same brazen spirit of adventure, it’s still smart and modern and perhaps better suited for current times.

On the business front, Renault has done its homework with this particular Megane with its low C02 threshold, keen economy, price and equipment levels.

True, you can buy cheaper, or dearer, but this edition comes over as well resolved, all-rounder. And further versions including sport tourer and hybrid are just around the corner to help build the Megane family up further in the rankings.

Low down on Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110

Doors and body style 5-door hatchback
Engine/gearbox: 1.5 4cyl turbo diesel/6-speed manual transmission
CO2 Emissions: 96 g/km
Economy: 76.4 mpg
Power/torque: 110PS /260Nm
0-62mph/top speed: 11.3secs/116mph
Insurance group: 21E

…..and what it costs

P11D Value £20,345
Monthly business rental (ex VAT) From £n/a (3yrs/30,000 miles)
Road tax (VED) Band A
Company Car Tax Bands 2016/17 to 2018/19 19%, 21%, 23%
Benefit in kind 2015/16 to 2017/18  £3,866/£4,272/ £4,679
Annual/Monthly fuel benefit (20%)  £844/£70
Annual/Monthly fuel benefit (40%) £1,687/£141
Annual/monthly company car tax (20%) £773/£64
Annual/monthly company car tax (40%) £1,546/£129
Figures correct at time of posting August 2016
For latest figures Use our company car tax calculator
Renault Megane Dynamique S NAV dCi 110
Clean lines of the new Megane

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