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Stop thief! Vauxhall OnStar helps catch carjacker

Vauxhall OnStar helps police but thief behind bars


4 July 2017

VAUXHALL OnStar has played detective in the recovery of a stolen car. And put the thief behind bars.

Perhaps not the usual role associated with Vauxhall OnStar, the personal connectivity and service assistant but stolen vehicle assistance is one of the further services it does provide.

The service recently helped the police to recover a stolen vehicle.

James Watson was parked outside his workplace in central Glasgow when he was forced out of his vehicle by a thief who stole his new Vauxhall Astra.

When reporting the incident to the police, Watson pointed out that the vehicle was equipped with Vauxhall OnStar – a GPS locator that would help recover the vehicle.

The OnStar team helped the police find the car which was located at a petrol station four miles away where they arrested the offender. The thief was sentenced to 10 months, 15 days in jail and disqualified from driving for nine months.

“It was a terrible experience, one I wouldn’t wish on anybody else,” said James Watson. “After the initial shock of what happened subsided, I realised that we could locate the car – and probably the offender – through OnStar. I’m really grateful that the technology was in place to recover the vehicle so quickly, helping me to get back on the road knowing the thief had been caught.”

“This was a horrible experience for James and we are sorry to hear that he was a victim of crime,” said Mike Lee, UK Head, OnStar strategy and planning. “We are relieved that the technology in the car could assist the police in recovering his car and apprehending this criminal.”

OnStar is available across the Vauxhall range, and includes a number of safety and convenience functions to support drivers.

Other features also include automatic crash response, destination download, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, smartphone connectivity and vehicle diagnostics.

How does OnStar work in practice?



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