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Volvo V60 Polestar blasts to 62mph in under 5 seconds

V60 Polestar is a Volvo estate with a difference


1 December 2013

Volvo V60 Polestar
Audi and BMW better look out: the Volvo V60 Polestar is a performance take on the usually frugal estate car icon

BUSINESS motorists have found plenty to like about today’s Volvos, especially the economy and low CO2 of the D2 versions with their tax-saving 1.6-litre diesel engines.

Now, though, drivers of these fuel-sipping company car specials have something to dream about – a new limited edition Polestar model that takes the standard V60 estate as its starting point but really pumps up the looks and performance.

Under the bonnet, there’s a 350 horsepower version of Volvo’s twin-turbo six cylinder T6 petrol engine and a six-speed paddle-shift automatic, a combination good for a 4.9 second sprint to 62mph thanks to all-wheel drive. Top speed is an artificially limited 155 mph.

Other upgrades include stiffer suspension, special twenty-inch Polestar alloys and uprated brakes, and there’s a reworked interior, too.

Some other countries will also get an S60 Polestar saloon, but Volvo, mindful of the UK market’s long-standing attachment to its estate models, will only sell the V60 here. Deliveries are due to start in the middle of next year, but there’s no word on pricing yet.

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Ralph Morton

Ralph Morton

Ralph Morton is an award-winning journalist and the founder of Business Car Manager (now renamed Business Motoring). Ralph writes extensively about the car and van leasing industry as well as wider fleet and company car issues. A former editor of What Car?, Ralph is a vastly experienced writer and editor and has been writing about the automotive sector for over 35 years.

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