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Workplace Charging Scheme & EV Infrastructure Grants – How you can make them work for your business.

mockup 7kw charger 3
mockup 7kw charger 3


8 December 2022

Are you looking to invest in Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure, but are worried about the time, effort, and cost of the whole experience?

Working with a great Installer and understanding the financial support that is available is key to reducing the stress of electric vehicle adoption.  You may have heard of the Workplace Charging Scheme, but in certain circumstances a company can benefit from the EV Infrastructure Grant.

EV Infrastructure Grant

Aimed at SME’s (those with 249 employees or less), the scheme will help at up to 5 locations (5 grants in total), where your car park is directly associated with the business and has 5 marked parking spaces. Each parking space must have one allocated “socket” for a vehicle to be charged (this means a dual charger that provides a socket for two spaces can be claimed).  You must own the land or have the sole legal right to it.

So, let’s talk about the money!  The infrastructure grant pays towards both the infrastructure and the EV Chargers that you install at the same time as the infrastructure.

  • EV Charging infrastructure
    • Businesses can get up to £500.00 for each parking space that the charging infrastructure will provide a unique EV Charger socket to, either from installed EV Chargers or those that will be installed at a future date via the future connection locations.
    • The EV Charging Infrastructure Grant is only eligible to those provisioning a minimum of 5 marked parking spaces.

  • For EV Chargers
    • Businesses can get up to £350.00 towards the cost of buying and installing each EV Charger socket provided. This is in addition to the amount available for providing a space with charging infrastructure.

  • The grant cap
    • The total amount of grant funding available cannot be more than 75% of the cost of the installation of the EV Chargers and infrastructure charged to the customer (as stated on your invoice).
    • The amount available per grant is capped at £15,000.00.

Project EV – Supporting delivery of your Workplace Charging requirements.

At Project EV, we not only have a complete range of AC and DC EV Chargers, but we also have partnerships with certified Electric Vehicle Charging installers. 

Together we work to understand the requirements of your customer or own businesses workplace charging needs.

Contact Project EV to arrange a free consultation with its Business Development team.

This includes understanding either your or your clients’ initial requirements, and then working to build a proposal that meets your short, medium and long-term charging goals. 

The Project EV installation partner will handle site qualification, with a virtual and physical site survey, from this, they will advise you on the location’s suitability for the install and what works will be needed to deliver the project. 

They will support you with understanding the EV Infrastructure Grants process, ensuring you can get maximum support.

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