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Honda Civic

While the Honda’s fuel economy is its most striking plus, that shouldn’t detract from its other business car virtues

Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC ES-T Manual 

MY Honda Civic has now completed just over 3000 miles and I must say I am enjoying it.

And the key to my happiness is the fuel consumption.

London crawling and M25 stop and starting – I am getting 59.6 miles to the gallon

On a slow combined cycle – London crawling and M25 stop and starting – I am getting 59.6 miles to the gallon! That’s at least 15mpg better than any business car I’ve had in the past.

When I fill it up the car tells me I can drive 700 miles on the tank, so on the economy side it works for me.

And the rest of the car is equally good news.

The driving experience is good – nippy when need be – and easy-going low revving cruising on the motorway. Handling is sporty enough for me and the ride is firm but not uncomfortable.

The cabin is modern and gives you the information you need without overloading you.

Honda Civic

More room in the boot and in the back than it looks. Swallows golf clubs and folding chairs with room to spare

And as to passenger comfort, the Civic can carry two warring kids in the back with enough leg room and space between them for the coats and jackets to form a natural barrier.

Room in the front for Mrs R and the two handbags, while the boot has swallowed a folding chair, golf trolley and golf clubs (all clubs in the bag and no “bending” the shafts).

The ‘infotainment’ system has Bluetooth so it’s Spotify all the way.

And the phone system is good too. I don’t know what Honda has done but the people I talk to like the clarity the system gives – none of that feeling of listening to someone in a big empty goldfish bowl.

The satnav is easy to use and lets you turn off the talk function without having to scroll through 4 screens. It also includes an “I am lost – where am I?” function – which I use all the time.

So at the moment I’m happy…

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