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The new MINI Cooper S 5dr: loads of fast fun, but now full of five-door practicality too

Company Car Review of the five-door MINI Cooper S

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What is it?

THE new MINI 5-door is the biggest MINI to date, barring the questionable ‘Mini’ in the shape of its four-wheel drive cousin the Countryman SUV.

Yet, despite now boasting a noticeably bigger boot, three rear passenger seats with increased legroom (72mm exactly the extra length added to the wheelbase over the Hatch), the 5-door still manages to sneak in under the crucial 4-metre long mark at 3,982mm in order to cling to its ‘smallest in class’ status.

It is also higher than the Hatch with more headroom (enough we’re told to suit hat wearers) and greater interior for elbow room. Luggage space, too, is better with some 67 litres more than in the 3-door model.

In keeping with a more mature customer base, squarely aimed at the user-chooser company car market, this MINI offers the most luxurious interior trim package of any previous model with ‘lounge’ quality leather seats and the deepest blue paint possible in the MINI YOURS range-topping specification.

Naturally, it boasts all the cutting edge communications and infotainment packages launched with new MINI earlier this year and makes for an attractive package for a market segment not previously covered by the marque.


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