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The latest 108 get’s the Peugeot’s stylish new family look

Company Car Review of the Peugeot 108 Top! Allure PureTech 1.2 VTi

THERE are three ‘tiny tots’ from each of the manufacturers involved in the joint venture between PSA Group (Peugeot/Citroen) and Toyota. This review is for the Peugeot version – the 108.

As with the previously reviewed Toyota Aygo, the 108 shares all its mechanicals with its siblings, but has its own distinctive styling, with only the front doors and A-pillars being shared across the three models.

That means that the Peugeot gets the stylish new family look, with a floating grille surrounded by chrome, sandwiched by swept back headlights on either side. The headlights are particularly clever, as they fool you into thinking the 108 has a much shorter front overhang. There are also huge surrounds for the fog lights – also chrome edged, but this time with LED daytime running lights. They certainly add another touch of style to the baby Peugeot.

At the back, there are the now familiar ‘claw’ tail lights and an all-glass tailgate. What looks like a rear splitter sits under the bumper, although I think it has been added more for looks than aerodynamic performance.

Personalisation is a key decision maker with new small cars these days and the 108 doesn’t disappoint. There’s a large choice of option packs to make the interior of this baby Peugeot totally your own and if that’s not enough, there’s a choice of  exterior sticker packs, including Kilt, Barcode and Dressy, to name but three.

Equipment levels are also high across the range, with even the entry level Access model getting USB and auxiliary inputs for the stereo, electric windows and tyre pressure monitoring. Step up to Active and Bluetooth connectivity, DAB stereo, a 7-inch touch screen, steering wheel controls and air conditioning are all standard. Allure adds more gadgets including a reversing camera, while the Feline includes leather trim.

For an extra £850, you can also have a huge fabric, roll back sunroof.

Carried over from the outgoing 108 is Toyota’s revised 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, producing a little more power and lower emissions. That means CO2 figures as low as 88g/km, bringing BIK down to just 11%.

PSA’s new 1.2-litre three cylinder engine is also available, boosting power by a useful amount without breaking the 100g/km CO2 ceiling or hurting fuel economy too much.

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