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Peugeot 308 Allure

The Peugeot 308 Allure is a family hatchback aimed to challenge the likes of Volkswagen, Ford and SEAT

Peugeot 308 Allure THP 130 s/s review

What is it?

A catch up with Peugeot’s 308 hatchback, with latest three cylinder Pure Tech 130 engine on board.

Pure Tech? It’s the brand name for Peugeot’s new generation three cylinder petrol engines. Making a first appearance in the 208 in 1.0 and 1.2-litre trim, they’ve since also become a part of the bigger 308 family, as here, in this Peugeot 308 Allure model.

the first turbo petrol injection engine developed soley in house by Peugeot

This top end 1.2-litre turbo 130 (the first turbo petrol injection engine developed soley in house by Peugeot) is tasked with delivering 1.6-litre level power and torque, albeit in a distinctly downsized package.

Small and light, this Peugeot ‘triple’ is also a step up for efficiency and economy versus the four cylinder petrol 1.6 it replaces (Peugeot is claiming an 18% improvement for mpg and C02 emissions). This translates as 58.9 mpg for combined economy, with C02 emissions of 110 g/km.

Next, the obvious question. Yes, but how does this all compare with diesel? Peugeot is long renowned as one of the top diesel makers in the class and first stop for many business/company users with the 308 would likely be Peugeot’s ubiquitous 1.6-litre HDI diesel.

However, diesel is not necessarily for everyone and if the tide is perhaps now starting to turn on diesel (NOx emissions have been flagged up quite prominently of late), then here’s Peugeot covering its bets with Pure Tech, as a new age petrol-based alternative, which in some ways could be viewed as “greener” than and more cost effective than diesel, depending on how you crunch the numbers.

Anyway, promising on paper, how about on the road?

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