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Honda runs hot and cold on durability testing for company car users

Honda Civic hot n cold 800
Honda hot n cold ad.


6 August 2014

HONDA is launching a hot and cold campaign to make reliability its key selling point to company car drivers and business users by showcasing its industry leading testing programmes.

Together with the agency Wieden+Kennedy London, the Honda hot and cold campaign  is targeting the Civic range with a multi-channel film campaign emphasising its dedication to comprehensive testing – in both hot and cold conditions with the tagline ‘reliability in the extreme’.

One example of Honda hot and cold testing involves a controlled climate chamber at Honda’s manufacturing plant in Swindon. The European built cars – Civic, CR-V and Jazz – are tested in environments from Arctic to unshaded desert temperatures spanning -30°C to +80°C.

The 30-second Honda hot and cold film (above) shows the Civic encased in ice before melting it away against a changing backdrop.

Honda is hoping the hot and cold campaign will highlight the Civic’s looks while reinforcing its reputation for safety and reliability.

The Honda Civic is already a winner with company car drivers thanks to the low CO2 emissions of its 1.6 diesel engine.

And for small businesses it’s a winner on costs too. The Honda Civic was voted Best Company Car to Buy in our SME Company Car of the Year Awards.

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