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How do you charge an HGV electric vehicle?

Charge stations are accessible for light goods vehicles (LGVs), particularly targeting commercial fleets.
hgv ev charging


30 April 2024

THE charging infrastructure poses challenges for larger vehicles largely because of the length of time it takes to charge HGVs.

HGVs often to rely on private charging infrastructure at depots or distribution centres. There have been initiatives to increase the number of high-power charging stations, but it’s not yet comparable to what’s available for
smaller vehicles.

Charging times for HGVs are longer due to larger battery capacities. Fast charging stations, capable of delivering higher rates of power, can help reduce these times, but again, these are not as widely available as standard
charging points.

Currently the electric HGV market in the UK is still relatively small, but it is growing all the time. While the upfront costs are notably higher than diesel HGVs, electric HGVs provide plenty of long-term benefits such as reduced fuel and maintenance costs and tax benefits.

But transitioning to electric HGVs is not without challenges such as those already mentioned: Limited charging infrastructure, relatively lower range compared to diesel vehicles, and higher upfront costs are some of the hurdles businesses may face.

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