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Leading the electric charge: Mobilize Power Solutions

Winner Best Electric Charge Point Provider, Business Motoring Awards 2024 – Mobilize Power Solutions


29 April 2024

Judges comments: Mobilize has all bases covered when it comes to domestic and business charging. Their solar panel installation and their reporting platform are market leading. The Mobilize Power Solutions EV charging ecosystem covers solutions for home, workplace and on the road charging. These can be run independently or as a complete business charging infrastructure, enabling businesses to view and monitor energy costs, consumption and use behaviour. What’s more the data from across the infrastructure can be used to calculate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an electric fleet or vehicle and help reduce costs. In addition, Mobilize Power Solutions has planted itself at the centre of a businesses’ carbon strategy through its ability to support zero emission mobility with its combination of smart electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Solar PV systems and energy storage solutions as well as affordable finance options.

Mobilize Power Solutions is committed to making electric transport accessible to every business. Its partnerships with Mobilize Financial Solutions and Ortus Energy provide flexible funding solutions that help minimise impact on cash flow and profits.

The two options are:

  1. Business funding from Mobilize Financial Services offers a range of financing and services tailored to the needs of the customer. It provides business loans to cover the whole electric vehicle charging infrastructure project from the survey to the software, and its flexible payment terms means that corporate customers can spread the cost of the investment. 
  1. Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) from Ortus Energy a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) serves as a contractual framework that enables a third-party developer, such as Mobilize Power Solutions in collaboration with Ortus Energy, to install, own, and operate an energy system on a customer’s premises. Under this arrangement, the customer commits to purchasing the energy generated by the system’s electric output for a predetermined period. 

The PPA structure offers the customer several advantages, including access to stable and often cost-effective electricity without any upfront capital expenditure. The PPA agreement is structured over a 25-year period, providing a long-term commitment to low-cost electricity. Additionally, it includes provisions for upgrades to the electric vehicle charging and solar installations when required.

Fundamentally Mobilize Power Solutions gives SMEs the opportunity to go electric without impacting its current business growth. As their electric strategy grows, charging infrastructure can be scaled up to benefit from new additions like faster, rapid charge points and complete off grid micro-hubs – creating sustainable business for the future.

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