New fuel app for SMEs can save time and money

By |2021-03-03T11:07:15+00:00March 15th, 2021|Featured, Latest news, News|

Shell Fleet App, available on both Android and iOS platforms, offers customers fuel credit, tracks their drivers’ fuel spending and facilitates card management. Designed to improve operational efficiencies, Shell Fleet App could help small businesses save up to £70 a month on their Shell fuel spend, helping to further cost savings

Company car insurance – are you covered?

By |2020-01-14T11:57:05+00:00January 14th, 2020|Latest news, News|

ANYONE driving a car for business, whether it's their own or a company vehicles, will to to be covered for business car insurance. This can cover a wide range of uses, such as travelling between different work locations, visiting customers or driving around other employees. If you use your car in connection with your work, standard policies may not offer the [...]

Avoid the pitfalls at the end of your lease

By |2019-06-25T11:25:17+01:00July 1st, 2019|Latest news, News|

WHETHER you have a small fleet of vehicles or you are a single owner-operator you may well have taken the decision to lease vehicles. Great, it can be a very effective and economical form of business motoring, but be aware of some of the pitfalls when the lease comes to an end. There are horror stories out there. These largely [...]

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